Vitamins for Hair Growth, Healthy Hair

This is a continuation from my previous haircare video where I showed you what products I use in my hair to make it healthy, shiny and thick. If you haven’t seen that video.. CLICK HERE… and if you have seen it, I hope you enjoy this video.

Before I get started, Remember.. I am not a doctor. Every person is different in the way they react to vitamins and supplements, so please read the label before you start taking anything.. the stuff I mention in my video I PERSONALLY DO myself.. :)

I feel like im annoying when I say this.. but REALLY.. please drink your water!!! Water is the greatest natural gift we’ve ever received!! Take advantage of its health benefits!

Like I said in the video, we don’t always get the vitamins and nutrition our bodies need for optimal health from our food.. because in all honesty, unless were super careful and super picky about what were eating and counting everything we eat.. we’re all usually pretty bad eaters! Sooo a multi-vitamin is a great way to get everything you need into your body to help with overall immune function, hair, skin and nail health as well!

Fish oils.. are disgusting. Im disgusted just thinking about the taste. BUT they really do work wonders for hair growth. I noticed my hair growing at a faster rate, its shinier and overall, its more healthy (I’ve been slacking on the almond oil lately and the fish oil has been stepping in quite well!)

Biotin — biotin is a great vitamin for people who feel like their hair is thin, lifeless and grows very very slowly. All I can say is from experience, I know that this stuff will definitely make your hair grow faster.

Lately, since I’ve kind of been slacking on the almond oil, I found a new LOVE of my life.. dont get me wrong, almond oil is still in my routine and i will NEVER fall OUT of love with it.. but this is also great for those days where I dont feel like having oil in my hair… ROSEWATER! I re-newed my vows with rosewater in the last couple months and im so glad we re-kindled our love for eachother. Rosewater is great for nourishing your scalp and thickening your hair. If you have trouble with thinning hair/fallout .. this stuff is AWE-SOME!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that video and if you are interested in seeing how to make rosewater at home.. remember to like my youtube video!



  1. says

    Excellent tips! Biotin works really well for growing hair! I would also add that extra protein can help hair grow too, since hair is made up of protein. Thanks for the info!

  2. asmakhan says

    hey Farah, i need your help and suggestion for the hyperpigmenation and dark spots all over my face, its the reulst of agressive microdermabrasion and lazer treatments for the acne marks and i ended up geting the worst thing these dark spots are on my face for almost two years now. PLEASE let me know if you know anything which will work on this.

    Thanks, Love Asma.

  3. nish says

    My hair is falling out and thinning, what can I do to make it grow faster and thicker, basically to stop falling out? can u also please help me to find a shampoo and conditioner.Thank u…

  4. ana says

    hai Farah.. am ur biggest fan, I luv all ur hair tutorials,, i need ur suggestion to grow ma hair better, before 4yrs i had a nice hair, now it spoiled a lot and have only a short thin hair, can u give me tips to grow ma hair again, taken many remedies, still remains the same :( , can u please tell me how often i shld apply oil and how to apply, what shampoo can i use, bcoz it s in a very bad condition, it stopped growing i dono the reason, :( can u please guide me :(
    With love, Ana

  5. Maha Noor says

    I’ve been dealing with unhealthy hair due to my own lack of care and because of that ive been searching for ways to replenish my hair. I even cut my hair all the way above my shoulders to start from scratch. Through my search I found your amazing videos. I was wondering where do you purchase the progressive fish oil from?

  6. Adriana says

    You are totally right! we are so deficient in nutrients, this has caused a huge problem bigger than hair loss. Don’t get me wrong for us women our hair is the focal point! Did you know that according to Dr. Joel Wallach author of “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie” The human body requires 90 essential nutrients (60 minerals, 16 Vitamins, 12 Amino acids, 3 Essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9). Ladies Beauty starts from the inside out. If you are unhealthy inside your outside will show it. for more information message me or search on YouTube “Dr Joel Wallach”. Let’s make a difference and pass it on!!

    “It’s not what you eat that kills you; It’s what you don’t eat!”
    -Dr. Joel Wallach

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