Valentine’s Day Smokey Make-Up Tutorial

Hey guys!

I will be doing two looks for Valentine’s day.. this first one will be a smokey eye for those of you who are love to rock a more bold look on this special day :) I know personally, I have rocked bold looks before and LOVED IT it makes you feel so sexy and seductive. I will be doing a more romantic natural look as well for those of you who like a more toned down look for your date. And if you dont have a date and are just going to be celebrating alone, thats awesome too! Valentines day, in my books, is just another day :) I think you and your significant other should be loving towards eachother on all days, not just one commercial day :)

What are you going to be doing on valentines day?

Here are a list of products:

HAIR: Flipped on Ends with Flat Iron
FACE: Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 60 Beige, Mac prep and prime in Light Boost, Mac Vanilla Pigment, Nars Laguna Bronzer, Mac iridescent powder in Golden Bronze
LIPS: Mac Pro Longwear lip pencil in Nice n Spicy, Loreal Color Caresse in Sheer Linen
EYES: UDPP, Milani Liquifeye Eyeliner in Brown, Mac eyeshadow Uninterrupted, Mac Brun, Milani Black eyeliner, Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black, Mac Vanilla Pigment

I hope you guys enjoyed this video..Ill try and have a more natural romantic make up look up soon!

Besos <3 Farah


  1. Rachael says

    You look soooooo beautiful and sexy! I love the vanilla pigment, it looks so good as a highlight! thinking of picking that and Mac prep + prime up. I’ve been using NARS sheer glow foundation but kinda want to switch it up..I have MUFHD foundation but I’m not too fond of it, would you highly recommend Chanel? I’ve always wanted to get it cuz I see you using it and I’m in love with the way appears on your skin!!!
    I will definitely be rocking this, it’s so simple and easy! And I def agree with you on V-day..we should see everyday like that and give and show all our love to our men all the time!
    Haha :) Can’t wait to see your next look. hope you are well doll! I love you!!
    Oh I wanted to tell you I ordered the comb you always use and I’m dying with expectation..can’t wait to get it and try it out!

    • FARAH says

      aw thank you sweetheart! u always leave the sweetest comments! OMG vanilla is a MUST HAVE its such a gorgeous colour! I had the sheer glow when i first started making videos an i wasnt a big fan of it.. as far as the MUFHD i liked it initially but then after about 2-3 months I hated it it jus gets really dry and heavy.. the chanel perfection lumiere is amazing for the first 6-8 months.. but once the product starts getting old (mines about a year old) it doesnt work that great and gets dry.. my problem is my foundations last a really long time because i dont wear it all over so they lasts really long but if u wear make up everyday or more of it i suggest going for the pro lumiere.. UNLESS u have dry skin.. do not use it if u have dry skin you will NOT like it.. i think im gonna try the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation next i hear its amazing and ill let you know how it is!

      LOL we should show love to our men all the time i agree.. except when theyre being morons hahah

      <3 have i mentioned i love reading ur comments .. i pretty much look forward to them!

      ahhhh i hope you like the comb!

      xoxo MUAH! have a great weekend my love

    • Shraddha says

      Hi Racheal,

      Can you please give me the details of the comb that you ordered (the name the site from where you got it)? I have been looking for that comb too for a while now.


      • Rachael says

        Sure sweetheart :) the comb is called Keratin Pro Complex Curved Vent Brush. I got mine from for $23.99 USD was the cheapest I could find..they also have it on amazon. Hope this helps doll Xoxo

      • Rachael says

        Sure sweetheart :) the comb is call Keratin Pro Complex Curved Vent Brush. I got it from for $23.99 USD. They are also available on amazon for about $30 USD . Hope this helps doll!

    • FARAH says

      haha thank you hunnie! ive been growing them and trying to take care of them/my hands so that i dont look lke i have massive man hands.. gotta admit its hard to type with longer nails xoxo

  2. Shabana says

    Mashallah ur so beautiful!!! Love the video.. What blush/bronzer so u recommend for someone that’s a NC40… I have such a hard time choosing a highlighter blush and bronzer that will go well with my skin time and not make me look fake

    • FARAH says

      aw thank you hunnie! r u looking for a bronzer to contour or just “bronze” ur face.. if ur looking for a contour mac makes a really nice matte contour powder.. if ur looking to bronze go for casino by nars.. blush.. there are lots of wonderful blushes.. i prefer nars blushes as well as illamasqua blushes.. if ur looking for drug store wet and wild has a great blush as well as elf! xo

  3. akshata says

    hello princess :-)
    how are you?

    well Farah i have a few questions…
    well i want to star doing my everyday face routine but, i am unable to match out my skin tone with any of the foundations…. sometimes its too dark sometimes its too light chalky….
    well when i went to mac they matched me with n40 but some how after some time it looks toooo dark on me.. i have loreal true match neutral beige it matches but kind of chalky on me.. i am so super confused of trying these different shades n they don’t match… also tried the maybelline fit me 320 it turned out super dark…

    now to be precise my skin tone is wheatish… near to yours.. may be a shade lighter..
    can you please suggest me any good foundation that i can use on regular basis? also i prefer subtle makeup…. also let me know if you want to see how my skin is ill send u some pics so that you can tell…
    waiting for your reply…..

    thank you…
    take care…

    • FARAH says

      hi darling! I’m good how are u! foundation is tricky like that.. throughout the day it can oxidize and turn chalky and look darker.. i personally don’t like mac foundations because they make me break out and drug store foundations don’t match me well so i like to pay a little more for a higher end foundation.. i prefer chanel foundations and i hear the giorgio armani foundations are amazing.. i will be trying it out soon if u wud like to wait for my review on it :) xo

      • akshata says

        i am very well.
        thank you so much sweetie for the reply…
        and yes you are right that the mac foundations do make skin break out a lot….
        i will be waiting for your review……
        and also i am soon going to join cosmetology school…. and thanx to you its just going to get easier….
        take care….

  4. susan u says

    Farah thanks for the video i will def try, u look beautiful!!
    I was wondering how often do u use the ginger in your hair? and how long is it good for after you blend it? Is your hair care routine the same, i was wondering what you do now? ok sweetie take care and love ya…

    • FARAH says

      thank you hunnie!!!! ginger should be used twice a week on the spots that are thin until u see a difference and then u can use it maybe once a week or stop and take vitamins instead.. it can last in the fridge for about 2 weeks :) yes my hair care routine is exactly the same still ill let you guys know if anything changes! xo love you!

  5. kalyani.lahiri says

    hey dear …one question…bought confixor from a veda…can i use it on on air dry hair then style my hair with heat…since i don’t want to use too much heat blow drying then again curling or straightening..if i want to use it on 2nd day eahed hair is it harmful?…plz help
    love u:)

    • FARAH says

      i don’t suggest using the confixor on air dried hair because it will make some pieces hard.. i suggest in damp hair only its not harmful to use on second day hair but i suggest on damp hair only.. if u do use it on dry hair make sure u apply it then comb it into your hair fast otherwise it can dry and harden

  6. Janee` says

    Hi Farah your makeup videos are always on point!! For your crease shadow by MAC do you have an alternative shadow I could use. I think MAC doesn’t make that shade anymore.


    • FARAH says

      Hi darling! thank you!! mac does carry that eyeshadow still.. its from their pro long wear line :) its a little more pricier than the regular shadows but u will NOT be disappointed because you get a lot more product :) xo

  7. samera says

    Hi Farah. Mashallah very pretty. i loved your nails. i have worse nail can not ever grow every times they break . can you please do video how to grow nail faster and take care them properly . thanks

  8. Kalpana says

    Hey sweetheart! I always wanted to ask you this. I had never followed a make up routine before, never felt like doing so. All I do is just to apply an eyeliner and kajal, very rarely mascara. But after seeing your videos am really getting inspired to present myself in a good way like you do :) But I really do not know from where to start. I find it difficult to follow as what make up items to get, basically I do not know from where to begin with. Could you please do a make up tutorial for beginners? Explaining what are the essential make up items to get and how to apply each of them in a slow manner. ?! :) I am so naive in this, I couldn’t follow your make up tutorials. I would really appreciate if you can do this for me hunnie. Love you honey!!

    • FARAH says

      Hey babe! aww I’m so happy to hear I’ve inspired you.. yes i will definitely be making a video for beginners soon! I’m travelling right now so I don’t have everything with me.. but once I’m back i will make that video to make things a little easier for those of you who are just starting out :) love you!!!

  9. says

    Dearest You look so so so so cute and beautiful!! Please tell me from where u got that comb that u r using i wud really like to get it… I dont know much about make up but do loe them so much.. I am so haap that i found u on u tube.. God bless u dear

  10. Lynda1219 says

    Hi Farah :)
    ♥Love watching your videos!!! I was wondering what kind of makeup brushes do you use??…Im trying to find some that are affordable but yet durable and dont Shed..any suggestions??? xoxoxoxo ♥

    • Rachael says

      She uses the Real Techniques brushes..look on Ulta or Amazon for cheaper. They are for foundation, highlight, contour, and a lip brush. It’s called core essentials. I just ordered mine for $15.55 USD on Amazon..from the reviews(including Farahs) that’s a great price for four brushes. Hope this helps you out :) Xoxo

  11. Fatima says

    I cant stress enough how much I LOVE you and your videos!! your a true inspiration. Very down to earth and helpful. I am using your Ginger from your video tutorial.. I love this Makeup look and I will be waiting your next video!!

    With all love

  12. Merrion says

    Hi Farah I want to become a makeup artist as well as a photographer. do you have any suggestions on how i can get new info and start to try to get products cheep? I love your videos and they really help me. thank you. sincerly your fan Merrion

  13. says

    really always like your posts, but this is my favourite ever :-)
    please could we ask what the brushes you used here are? they looked really effective!

  14. Jay.b says

    Hey! i absolutely love watching your videos =D MashAllah your face looks flawless as always lool
    i just wanted to ask do you thread, wax or bleach your face? hope ou dont mind me asking. its just cos my face is terrible with facial hair :(
    Thank you….keep up with the great video ^_^ xx

  15. Lili says

    Hey Farah I absolutely LOVE your videos and I am using them to combat hair loss and thinning. You’re so genuine and down to earth, as well as beautiful. I just have a question, have you ever tried Jamaican black castor oil? I’ve been googling it and thinking about using it but I’d like to get your opinion before I make the purchase.

  16. Allie says

    Hi! You look stunning! I love how you did your makeup and I have to try it soon!!!
    Thanks for posting the ginger hair treatment! I’m gonna have to try it out! I was wondering what days you use it because of your 7 day weekly hair routine which I LOVE btw!! I’ve been trying to keep up with the grow with Farah challege and I’ve already noticed a lot of changes in my hair (I’m trying to grow my hair out). I love your hair! You also mentioned in some of your videos that it’s not only what you put on your hair but what foods you eat as well, which is true! I try to eat healthy but sometimes it’s hard. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much! xoxo

  17. ayesha says

    hey farah luv yeah ur so so supberb well i almost luv all ur video im frm uae and i luv ur skin tone colour suggest me some lip shades from mac and channel as my undertone is yellow and complexion is like dusky…luv yeah waiting fr ur reply yaa

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