Rosewater Treatment for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Hey Guys!

This video is long over-due :( Sowwie!

Rosewater is super simple to make at home! I’ve had a lot of questions from people asking why I don’t buy the one from the store instead of making my own.. well.. I have a few reasons for that.. 1. sometimes the ones from the store contain preservatives to keep the rosewater from going bad, so I don’t want to put that in my hair, and 2. it’s so easy to make and I have an excuses to get myself roses.. why not! LOL.. really though, its mostly about what goes in it and I feel more comfortable knowing that it’s 100% naturally made by me :)

so for this, you need either damask roses, or red strong smelling roses… preferably ones that are organic since they’ll be pesticide free

Keep in mind that in the video, I only used 2 roses. If you want to make a really large batch then you can use majority of your dozen roses AND use a bigger pot lol with more water.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video!



  1. sanya says

    Hi Farah,
    I recently started watching your tutorials and I am so obsessed with it. Thanks to you for all the videos!!! Hey, I was watching your 7 day hair treatment. I got my 3rd keratin treatment 6 months ago but I still use the same sodium free shampoo and conditioner ( hmm I just din’t want to change shampoo’s and conditioners and also that was my 3rd keratin treatment) Now that it’s 6 months that I have had the keratin treatment, can I follow your 7 day hair treatment with your ingredients? ( like apple cider vinegar, rosemary, hair spay’s, etc,.)
    I am not that much into styling the hair as I always think it might damage my hair. I used to have a very long ( as long and thick as your’s) but once I had to cut my hair short and the lady in the salon just chopped off until below my ears. I was shocked. Some of my friends say since I cut my hair so short from a lengthy hair I started losing hair. Now my hair is not as thick as it used to be before and it’s more wavier than it used to be. That’s why I did keratin treatment. Now after watching your videos I was wondering whether I can use your technique to see if I can regrow my long thick hair. (not sure it will happen) but I wish though!
    Looking forward to your response so that I can start following your tutorials.

    • Seju says

      Hey Sanya, since you mentioned the Kertain treatment in your comment, i wanted to ask you. Has that helped your hair? was your hair dry? and what sufate free shampoo you use? Thank you!

  2. Tanisha says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your beauty knowledge! I’m also excited to see you love the Golden Girls too! :-)

  3. Shagufta says

    Hi Farah! I am really impressed watching all your video! You are very helpful girl really!! Farah I have question I have blemish or black acne spot all over my back , shoulder and hand. Do you have any receipe so I can get rid from all these spots? Please help me .

  4. Nur syafiQaH says

    I love all your videos. Getting marry soon. And all these videos helps me a lot!!(; thnk u sis Farah! U so gorgeous and beautiful! (;(;

  5. Vanessa says

    If you make the Rosewater in large batches, does it have to be refrigerated or just kept in a cool place?

    • Emma says

      Dear Vanessa, recently I have made rose water and I’ve done some research and I think it’s best to keep it refrigerated to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.

  6. says

    Ola!…Vou tentar explicar o que estou querendo. Voce tem um canal no You Tube, e muitas pessoas de várias nacionalidades assistem os seus videos. Então, conheci seu canal pelo corte de cabelo. Mas estou muito interessada no esfoliante labial e na Agua de rosas. Agradeceria se voce puder colocar a resenha de como preparar, os produto, tudo relacionado ao video. Mas de forma escrita logo abaixo do viedo, como vejo em outros canais. Porque o traduto de linguas se incube de fazer isso. Então sabemos o que voce esta colocando e fazendo. Mas se voce ficar so falando. Como vou saber o que esta usando, qual produto. Adorei seu canal e dicas. Mas ajude as pessoas que não falam ingles. Há!..Estou solicitando isso por que moro no Brazil.



  7. Roberta says

    Does this work on all hair types. I’m African so i naturally have tightly coiled hair but i’ve been putting relaxer in my hair for the past 7 years. I’d really like to go natural some day to avoid putting harsh chemicas in that can harm my scalp.

    • Nijael says

      I’m african amaerica in the same boat, I just want to know how to maintain my hair as I grow it naturally without this hawaiian silky perm I have. This is such good information… almost too much to keep up with!

  8. Sneha says

    Hey Farah, I have just recently starter to watch your videos, I am in love with my hair(inspired by you), keep it up and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us..:-)

  9. Kiara says

    Hi Farah! I recently came across with your amazing videos. I simply love them. Best of luck doll :)

    I have a question. Can I apply rose water while rosemary oil in my hair too?

  10. Elizabeth Tiscareno says

    Dear Mrs. Farah

    a quick qustion, do you have any quick diy’s for growing your hairline or baby hairs and how to tame flyways? if you do i will be completely grateful thank you mrs. farah lov ya lots

  11. Katherine says

    Could anyone help me figure out WHERE to find organic red roses or damask roses?? I’ve called my local Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Fresh Market and searched all florists’ websites. What in the world??
    I don’t want to just get any roses that may have chemicals in them because that would defeat the whole purpose of ‘healthy hair’….

    Thank you!!

  12. says

    Hey Farah,
    Yu r juss so amazin..:) the way yu pamper ur hair..makes me want to do the same to ma hair too.!:) wish i cud have the same kinda hair u do..soon..:D thnxx fa the video..:) gr8 job..:) keep goin..:D i spent all ma day 2day watchin diss..:D cheerss.!:)

  13. rosa says

    hi farah! i love your natural approach to hair and skincare! i recently started doing your peppermint oil treatment once a week and spraying my hair with rosewater throughout the day. it feels so nice. i removed my 2 year old dreadlocks a month ago and i really want to take care of my hair and make it grow healthy, thick and long. i hope all your tips help :)

  14. abi vasquez says

    So I made rose water but I used non organic roses I did rinse them later on that day I washed my hair and a blue color came out of my hair, does this have anything to do with using non organic roses? Should I be worried?

  15. Shahina says

    Wow!! Hi farah, I am so hooked on your videos.

    You are fantastic!! Your a stunning,beautiful indivual and you use natural products which is is the best thing. Thank you so much, you have taught me a lot and saved my skin as I suffer a lot from sensitive skin. May your beauty last forever.

    Can I ask your advise? Would you use rose water and glycerin on your facial skin?

    Thank you x

  16. sofia says

    why on earth would you call her ‘horse face’??? she didn’t force anyone to use that recipe!!! if you don’t like it then DON’T USE IT!!! and you should be more polite…AND NOT CALL PEOPLE NAMES! there is something called GOOD MANNERS!!!

  17. Anu says

    Won’t your hair become oily after applying the rose water ? or do u wash your hair the next day after leaving it overnight?

  18. says

    I want to know about the sweet almond oil . I have got roghan badam shirin. Is it safe for hair , if not can we get the safe one from you. please reply as my hair is going thin and I am under treatment with Dr.Batras.

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