Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review + Swatches

Hi my loves!

I recently picked up some of the new Nars Dual Intensity Blushes and thought I would do a review for you! I am always searching the internet for reviews and find it hard to find feedback of new products for my skintone or for us tanned skinned girls sooooo I thought whenever I pick up something new Ill give you my thoughts on them!

I am a HUGE fan of the regular blush line from nars, and as most of you may know, Nars came out with the new Dual Intensity Blushes recently and as soon as I saw them available on the Sephora website, I just HAD to grab them! I picked up 5 out of the 6 shades (the 6th shade you would TOTALLY expect me to get, but when I swatched it it just did NOT show up on my skintone so I had to pass.. Its the more bronzy one)

So lets start off with what Nars says about the new blushes:

dual-intensity, silky, wet or dry blushes are uniquely formulated with NARS’ exclusive Translucent Prismatic Technology, which allows for multidimensional effects. With a lightweight texture for a flawless finish and true color application, each duo features two ultra-modern shades that can be worn alone or layered together for limitless looks. Apply these shades wet to achieve a high-impact flush or dry to get a natural-looking glow.

So pretty much, you can use these blushes wet or dry and layer them for more intensity.

I picked mine up from Sephora for $45 USD and you get about 6grams of product. That is pretty darn pricey so I was expecting quite a lot from these blushes, as you should for such an expensive blush. I was a little disappointed that for such a hefty price tag, these blushes werent as pigmented as they should have been. Some of them fell flat while others did look quite nice (swatches below)

I personally prefer to use these blushes DRY but I was very surprised to see how they transfer when theyre wet. You would expect something metallic, or with a metallic sheen, but the formula of these are so interesting that when you use them wet, they transfer more like a watercolor or like a stain. I personally DO NOT like cheek stains on my skintone or skin type so I will not be using them wet from now on. For those of you who like cheek stains or watercolor type blushes, then you will loveeee the payoff when using these wet.

I didnt notice much difference when swatching the highlighter shades wet/dry, they payoff was pretty much exactly the same. The colored side however, did change a little bit and sheered out more when used wet (watercolor).

Here are some pictures of the blush and some swatches wet and dry! Ill let you know my thoughts on each color with the swatch :)


IMG_2448This is FRENZY which would have to be my favorite out of all the ones I picked up. The highlighter shade is a beautiful golden color and the blush is a stunning terracotta finish. This isnt the most pigmented blush in the range but it is perfect for you bronze beauties who like to glow!

Frenzy DRY Swatch

Frenzy WET swatch

PANIC – second favorite in the range! This is the most pigmented blush out of all of them and looks beautiful wet or dry! If you were to pick up something from this collection I would say this is the one for you if you are into pink toned blushes!

IMG_2451 IMG_2454
Panic DRY Swatch

Panic WET swatch

JUBLIATION – this is more of a highlighter duo than a blush. If you are a highlighter junkie like me then you will like this, BUT be warned, it is NOT as intense as other highlighters on the market. This is for those of you who like a subtle to medium highlight (which in my opinion is perfect for everyday)


Jubilation DRY swatch

Jubilation WET swatch

ADORATION – I like the IDEA of this duo, but it just does not work for my skintone. The pink highlight is a little too pearly pink for my skin, however I think this duo would be great for anyone who is fair to almost medium skin.


Adoration DRY swatch

Adoration WET swatch

FERVOR – this would have to be my least favorite out of the range. I dont know what Nars was thinking with this duo but it is just a little too “out there” for me personally. The Baby pink color is a pretty color, but its pretty chalky and I think would only work for fair skinned girls. On me it looks like I took my nieces sidewalk chalk and put it on my face. The second color I absolutely CANNOT see working as a blush. Its too cranberry of a color (think MAC cranberry eyeshadow) and I think its just not wearable as a blush. I think it would look great on my deeper skinned beauties but for me personally the only way I can see it working is if I were to use it wet as a “contour” since it is a little more on the red side.


Fervor DRY Swatch

Fervor WET Swatch

My favorites for my skintone would have to be Frenzy and Panic, with Jubilation coming in third just because Im a highlighter junkie!

My final thoughts on these blushes, I wouldnt splurge on them. Stick to the original formula of Nars blushes if you are in the market for a new blush. The highlight colors are pretty, but theyre nothing special compared to the other highlighters on the market (think, Mary-loumanizer from the Balm, Becca Shimmering Skinperfector, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick etc etc)

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you would like to see some more reviews from me, leave a comment below on what youd like reviewed next!


NuMe Hair Tools + Product Review

Hey Guys!

Todays blog post is going to be a review! Before I go ahead and say my thoughts on all the products that were sent to me, Id just like to thank the wonderful people over at NuMe for giving me this opportunity to review for you guys!

I was given quite a few products to try out and review for you guys so I will talk about what I enjoyed about each thing separately so you guys can get a good idea of what will work out for you if you’re interested in trying NuMe out for yourself!

I am going to start out with the hair tools first. A lot of you guys have been asking me about a good blow dryer to use and I thought the NuMe Signature Ionic Hair Dryer would be a wonderful option for you guys in the market for a new dryer to try out. As most of you know, I recently had trouble with my dryer (it pretty much blew up in my face) so I was in the market for a new dryer that would dry my hair faster and would cause less flyaway’s… Enter NuMe!

There are a few things that Im really picky on regarding my hair tools, especially a blow dryer. First off, it MUST have a concentrator nozzle that comes with it.. The great thing about the NuMe dryer is that it comes with 2 different size nozzles which I LOVED!

Second, it MUST have a cool shot + different temperature settings. This is really important when youre styling your hair with a blow dryer.. you dont just want REALLY hot or cold temperatures, its important to also have the option of having warm heat and this dryer provides 3 different heat settings, which I enjoyed. 1 is cooler, 2 is warm and 3 is hot.

and the MOST important thing that I look for in a blow dryer is the fact that its Tourmaline, Ceramic and negative ion charged. I know you’ve heard those words a lot.. and its like OKKAAYY thats great.. now what does that mean! Well..simply put, that means that it will dry your hair faster than your normal blow dryer and it will do it safely without damaging your hair! A large point that I must point out to those of you who are “suffering” from a lot of fly aways.. you will see a big big difference when you blow dry your hair with a negatively charged blow dryer like this one :) less flyaway’s!

This blow dryer is 1875W .. anything above 1800 is awesome in my books!

Bottom line I dont have anything negative to say about this blow dryer.. I actually quite enjoyed it.. its light and works really well at drying my hair in half the time. If you are looking for a new blow dryer.. this is a GREAT choice. Im really picky with my tools and I found this blow dryer to be awesome. It dried my hair in half the time it usually took my older dryer to dry my hair.. so that saved me a lot of time and I did notice that my hair is shinier and has less fly aways when I used this blow dryer.

CLICK HERE for Hair Dryer

Now onto the Curl Jam set. The Curl Jam is an iron that comes with 3 different sized head attachments for different size curls/waves. It also comes with a 1 inch flat iron. This is not your regular curling iron, its more of a curling wand that gives beautiful waves and the flat iron is your basic flat iron.

I really like the idea of having 3 different sized wands to curl my hair and all I need is one tool to do it! I thought that was really awesome! The wands heat up really well and really fast. It starts at about 50 degrees and warms up to 200 degrees. I love the fact that when its off.. it says off in the main screen.. as well as when you’re increasing the temperature the screen turns red and when you decrease the temperature it turns blue. I thought that was really great. Im a visual person so I love it when my tools show me a digital reading of how hot it is and if its on or off.

Using this wand to create those “Kardashian” waves is perfect! the curl/wave turns out absolutely beautiful! I really suggest using the glove that is provided with the iron though because I found myself burning my hands a lot because I wanted to be a rebel and not use the glove!

I’ve always used my regular curling irons to create waves, but I find these curling wands much easier! They make the most perfect wave and its awesome that I can choose the size of wave that I’d like with the 3 different head sizes provided :) The wands are also tourmaline infused ceramic ions so they’re going to be great at not damaging your hair!

I found changing the head sizes on this tool was a teeny bit annoying but thats possibly because I have monstrous hands haha (please dont do it while it’s hot!) but honestly I cant really complain because I’m getting 3 different sized tools for the price of one! Not to forget, the Curl Jam also comes with a flat iron in the box as well! The flat iron is just your basic flat iron.. its not one that I prefer, but it works fine and is great for the value! I used it to flat iron my cousins curly hair and it worked great :) I just found that it didnt feel as heavy duty as the iron does. Like I said, it comes in the Curl Jam set so I think its an awesome value!

If you are interested in the Curl Jam Set CLICK HERE. FOR A DISCOUNT on the curl jam and all curling tools, enter the coupon code farah4nume at checkout for a discount!

Thats about it for the hair tools.. Like I said previously, I really enjoyed both of the tools!

Now onto the hair products!

Along with the hair tools, I tried some of the products that NuMe has to offer. The first one being the Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil. I dont usually like to put an oil in my hair after Im done styling.. but this one just smelled divine! I tried it a couple times after styling and enjoyed how it didnt make my hair look oily or weighed down (which a lot of oils can tend to do). For those of you who are big fans of Argan oil, I think this is a great choice :) Personally, I like to stay away from putting a lot of product into my hair after its been styled. Argan oil is also great to use on your skin if you have really dehydrated spots! I used it on my hands.. they tend to dry up and crack and hurt since its gotten cold latelyand I really liked how moisturizing it was on my hads! The times I did use it in my hair I really enjoyed it as well.. it made my hair look sleeker and smoother, as well as smell great! If you have dry or color treated hair.. you will enjoy this :)

Last but not least, I tried their Hydro Punch Care Package. The Hydro Punch line is their Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask set. It also comes with an Hydrating Intense Oil. This care package is for those of you who have dry or color treated hair and are looking to get some moisture back into your hair. NuMe says on their website that their Hydro Punch Care line has Moroccan Berber, Moroccan Argan Oil, and the SERATIN-K Protein Complex to give your hair the moisture that it needs. I dont have dry hair at all, but I noticed after using this shampoo/conditioner.. my hair had SOO much moisture in it! I could only imagine what it would be on hair that is thirsty! My hair felt really smooth and moisturized which I really loved! For a product that is SLS free I thought the lather was great! For those of you who are in the market for a shampoo/conditioner set that really adds the moisture back in your hair and is SLS free.. this stuff is awesome! The only downside that I found, for me personally, is the fact that I have really long hair and found the bottles to be a little too small for me.. I found that I finished the bottle a little faster than I had hoped :(

Ive attached a few pictures so you can see the consistency of the shampoo and the conditioner. I enjoy how the shampoo is fairly thick and not too runny, as well as the conditioner.. its quite thick. As far as the mask and the hydrating oil go, I found the mask to work great at giving my hair that extra hydration after a bad week of using my flat iron. The oil also worked wonders after i applied it onto my damp hair :) I didnt use it after I styled my hair because I found it to be a little heavy for dry hair.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the NuMe Products! I had a pleasure trying these products out.. Im currently travelling with my husband and have brought my NuMe products along with me to use so you know I really do enjoy them! As most of you may know, I really like to take care of my hair and Im really specific on the things I use in my hair, so I can honestly tell you the NuMe products work great and you wont be disappointed!

I forgot to mention that the NuMe styling tools all have a 4 year warranty.. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! Most products only give 1 year so I thought that was fantastic!

Again for those of you who are interested in picking up any of the products that I mentioned, the NuMe website is and dont forget to enter farah4nume at check out to get a discount on their curling tools!

BESOS! <3 Farah

REVIEW: Karmin G3 Salon Pro Ceramic Flat Iron


Hey Guys!

Im pretty new to this review stuff so bare with me as I get myself organized and used to this kind of blog post!

Recently I was asked to review the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Ceramic Flat Iron. I just wanted to say thank you to them for reaching out to me and giving me the chance to review this flat iron for you guys!

As most of you may know already, Im pretty picky about the stuff I use on my skin and hair.. So Ive been trying this flat iron out for over a month now to see how it works.

Let me start off with the basics first:

-The plates are 100% pure tourmaline Ceramic plates
This allows you to flat iron your hair safely without damaging the hair cuticle, also allowing the hair to come out softer, silkier and shinier.
-Infused with negative ions and infrared heat
This allows for silky static free hair.
-Ion field technology
This locks in your natural oils for healthier looking hair.
-Variable Temperature Control
Lowest temperature is 250F and goes as high as 450F.
-Dual voltage
This is great for those of you who are outside of Canada and the US because its compatible with any 100V and 240V.
-Auto Sleep Mode
LOVE this because I have a tendency to forget that my flat iron is on :)
-Comes with a Carry Bag + 3 year warranty
The carry bag detaches into a heat mat which is awesome!

I really enjoyed this flat iron and found myself reaching for it just as much as I reach for my rowenta flat iron (which you all know I use all the time)

Let me tell you what I enjoyed about it!

Lets start with the design! I really enjoyed how the Karmin G3 has a really heavy duty exterior. It doesnt feel cheap or plasticy like a lot of flat irons can tend to be. One of the things about the design that I really enjoyed was the fact that the plates are floating. What does that mean exactly? that means that the plates that actually straighten your hair move with your hair and arent stationary, which makes it easier to handle. It works with your hair!

Another aspect of the design which I love is the fact that you can use this flat iron to curl your hair, flip your hair and straighten your hair at the same time. The edges of the flat iron are curved and smooth which make it really easy to curl/flip your hair. I love how my hair doesnt feel like its being pulled, ripped or damaged when I use this iron to curl my hair.

Now I have a lot of hair, and I sometimes find it hard for flat irons to straighten my hair properly, or curl my hair for that matter. I really dont like the feeling of my hair being “pulled” or breaking by flat irons, and I feel like with this flat iron, it goes through so smoothly and makes my hair feel really great afterwards.

This flat iron also heats up and cools down pretty fast which is very convenient, and it also has a self “sleep” timer which allows itself to cool down when youre not using it after 1 hour.

If there was only one thing I could change about this iron, it would be the temperature control setting and adding an on/off switch. I prefer my hot tools to have a separate on/off switch and temperature control. But honestly, that doesn’t change the quality of this flat iron. Besides that, I think its an excellent flat iron that is TOTALLY worth the money. It also comes with a 3 year warranty which is GREATTTTT because I find my tools tend to get a little worn out after 1 year :)

If you are in the market for a new flat iron, I do think the Karmin G3 is a great choice :) Here is a link for you to check it out.. they ship for free worldwide!


or you can go to shipping is free worldwide!

Thank you for checking out my review! I hope you enjoyed that!
Besos Farah

A Lip Plumper That WORKS?

Hey guys!

This is my first time writing a blog post without actually making a video.. so be easy on me! I always like to try new things and new products that are out so I thought when I do pick up some goodies, I could review them for you guys to see if you guys would like to grab them as well!

This post is going to be about lip plumpers.. now I KNOWWW I don’t need any lip plumping since my lips are decently sized anyway, but I always get curious whenever I see a lip plumper and wonder if they actually work. Ive tried out quite a few and found that they just ended up being like lip glosses, or they’d tingle for a minute but didnt really do much.

One of my favorites has been the Buxom Lipglosses, but honestly, I feel like they do give your lip a little minty tingle, but they dont really plump plump them yknow? So I was at Sephora a while ago and I saw this product by Too Faced called the Lip Injection Extreme.. and I was like WOW LIP INJECTION EXTREME! Thats a pretty extreme name for a lipgloss/lip plumper.. So like a kid in a candy store I got excited and I decided to purchase it and try it out to see if it actually works.

BOY was I amazed!

Now like I said before, I dont really need any lip plumping.. but I was always curious how long lip plumpers work and if they DO WORK.. and I always wanted the outside corners of my mouth to be a little bit more plump.
Here is a picture of my lips without the lip plumper on them:

SOOOO I tried the Too Faced Lip Injection.

First off, let me start off by giving a little information about the product.

This is taken directly off the Sephora website:

Too Faced uses a potent quadra-delivery system that combines vitamin E, collagen-booster MaxiLip and Dehydrated Marine Sponge to stimulate blood flow, promote fullness and re-hydrate with the body’s own moisture for a long-lasting effect. Moisturizing doses of avocado and jojoba oil condition to ensure a smooth, plump pout.

It claims to give instant plumping action and it also claims that it makes your lips more plump and supple.

After I put it on for the first time.. it was BURNING!!! Im kinda weird so I like a burning sensation on my lips, but for those of you who are uncomfortable with the tingly burn, this stuff is INTENSE! The burning/tingling lasts for about.. 10 minutes.. and LITERALLY after 10 minutes you will see that your lips DEFINITELY get plump! I was in SHOCK when I first tried this! My sister asked if I got punched in the lip and I was like NOPE! Lip plumper!!

The INSTANT action was CRAZY! I do admit the tingling/burning is the worst part.. but after about 10 minutes, your lips cool down and they stay plump for quite a while.


It sells for about $28 for a .2 oz tube.. which I think for a lip plumper is quite enough product. You only need to apply it twice a day, morning and night, and youll notice lasting effects (at least I did).

The only downside to this lip plumper is that I feel when the tube is running out, its a little hard to get the product out.

ANOTHER issue I must warn you about before you go out and buy this, is the fact that if you get this ANYWHERE else on your body, you will get super itchy and swollen in that area. Here is a picture of my hand that I kissed after I had the lip plumper on and it became swollen (even after 10 minutes of having it on my lips). Its a little hard to see in the picture but an outline of my lips was left on my hand and it was burning for quite some time, so just be careful of that when you’re wearing this lip plumper.

Honestly though, I think for those of you who want fuller lips without surgery, Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme is HANDS DOWN the best lip plumper that I have ever used! Give it a try!

I hope you guys enjoyed that little review! Let me know in the comments below if you like reading these little review posts on the stuff that I randomly buy!

BESOS<3 xo Farah