NuMe Hair Tools + Product Review

Hey Guys!

Todays blog post is going to be a review! Before I go ahead and say my thoughts on all the products that were sent to me, Id just like to thank the wonderful people over at NuMe for giving me this opportunity to review for you guys!

I was given quite a few products to try out and review for you guys so I will talk about what I enjoyed about each thing separately so you guys can get a good idea of what will work out for you if you’re interested in trying NuMe out for yourself!

I am going to start out with the hair tools first. A lot of you guys have been asking me about a good blow dryer to use and I thought the NuMe Signature Ionic Hair Dryer would be a wonderful option for you guys in the market for a new dryer to try out. As most of you know, I recently had trouble with my dryer (it pretty much blew up in my face) so I was in the market for a new dryer that would dry my hair faster and would cause less flyaway’s… Enter NuMe!

There are a few things that Im really picky on regarding my hair tools, especially a blow dryer. First off, it MUST have a concentrator nozzle that comes with it.. The great thing about the NuMe dryer is that it comes with 2 different size nozzles which I LOVED!

Second, it MUST have a cool shot + different temperature settings. This is really important when youre styling your hair with a blow dryer.. you dont just want REALLY hot or cold temperatures, its important to also have the option of having warm heat and this dryer provides 3 different heat settings, which I enjoyed. 1 is cooler, 2 is warm and 3 is hot.

and the MOST important thing that I look for in a blow dryer is the fact that its Tourmaline, Ceramic and negative ion charged. I know you’ve heard those words a lot.. and its like OKKAAYY thats great.. now what does that mean! Well..simply put, that means that it will dry your hair faster than your normal blow dryer and it will do it safely without damaging your hair! A large point that I must point out to those of you who are “suffering” from a lot of fly aways.. you will see a big big difference when you blow dry your hair with a negatively charged blow dryer like this one :) less flyaway’s!

This blow dryer is 1875W .. anything above 1800 is awesome in my books!

Bottom line I dont have anything negative to say about this blow dryer.. I actually quite enjoyed it.. its light and works really well at drying my hair in half the time. If you are looking for a new blow dryer.. this is a GREAT choice. Im really picky with my tools and I found this blow dryer to be awesome. It dried my hair in half the time it usually took my older dryer to dry my hair.. so that saved me a lot of time and I did notice that my hair is shinier and has less fly aways when I used this blow dryer.

CLICK HERE for Hair Dryer

Now onto the Curl Jam set. The Curl Jam is an iron that comes with 3 different sized head attachments for different size curls/waves. It also comes with a 1 inch flat iron. This is not your regular curling iron, its more of a curling wand that gives beautiful waves and the flat iron is your basic flat iron.

I really like the idea of having 3 different sized wands to curl my hair and all I need is one tool to do it! I thought that was really awesome! The wands heat up really well and really fast. It starts at about 50 degrees and warms up to 200 degrees. I love the fact that when its off.. it says off in the main screen.. as well as when you’re increasing the temperature the screen turns red and when you decrease the temperature it turns blue. I thought that was really great. Im a visual person so I love it when my tools show me a digital reading of how hot it is and if its on or off.

Using this wand to create those “Kardashian” waves is perfect! the curl/wave turns out absolutely beautiful! I really suggest using the glove that is provided with the iron though because I found myself burning my hands a lot because I wanted to be a rebel and not use the glove!

I’ve always used my regular curling irons to create waves, but I find these curling wands much easier! They make the most perfect wave and its awesome that I can choose the size of wave that I’d like with the 3 different head sizes provided :) The wands are also tourmaline infused ceramic ions so they’re going to be great at not damaging your hair!

I found changing the head sizes on this tool was a teeny bit annoying but thats possibly because I have monstrous hands haha (please dont do it while it’s hot!) but honestly I cant really complain because I’m getting 3 different sized tools for the price of one! Not to forget, the Curl Jam also comes with a flat iron in the box as well! The flat iron is just your basic flat iron.. its not one that I prefer, but it works fine and is great for the value! I used it to flat iron my cousins curly hair and it worked great :) I just found that it didnt feel as heavy duty as the iron does. Like I said, it comes in the Curl Jam set so I think its an awesome value!

If you are interested in the Curl Jam Set CLICK HERE. FOR A DISCOUNT on the curl jam and all curling tools, enter the coupon code farah4nume at checkout for a discount!

Thats about it for the hair tools.. Like I said previously, I really enjoyed both of the tools!

Now onto the hair products!

Along with the hair tools, I tried some of the products that NuMe has to offer. The first one being the Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil. I dont usually like to put an oil in my hair after Im done styling.. but this one just smelled divine! I tried it a couple times after styling and enjoyed how it didnt make my hair look oily or weighed down (which a lot of oils can tend to do). For those of you who are big fans of Argan oil, I think this is a great choice :) Personally, I like to stay away from putting a lot of product into my hair after its been styled. Argan oil is also great to use on your skin if you have really dehydrated spots! I used it on my hands.. they tend to dry up and crack and hurt since its gotten cold latelyand I really liked how moisturizing it was on my hads! The times I did use it in my hair I really enjoyed it as well.. it made my hair look sleeker and smoother, as well as smell great! If you have dry or color treated hair.. you will enjoy this :)

Last but not least, I tried their Hydro Punch Care Package. The Hydro Punch line is their Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask set. It also comes with an Hydrating Intense Oil. This care package is for those of you who have dry or color treated hair and are looking to get some moisture back into your hair. NuMe says on their website that their Hydro Punch Care line has Moroccan Berber, Moroccan Argan Oil, and the SERATIN-K Protein Complex to give your hair the moisture that it needs. I dont have dry hair at all, but I noticed after using this shampoo/conditioner.. my hair had SOO much moisture in it! I could only imagine what it would be on hair that is thirsty! My hair felt really smooth and moisturized which I really loved! For a product that is SLS free I thought the lather was great! For those of you who are in the market for a shampoo/conditioner set that really adds the moisture back in your hair and is SLS free.. this stuff is awesome! The only downside that I found, for me personally, is the fact that I have really long hair and found the bottles to be a little too small for me.. I found that I finished the bottle a little faster than I had hoped :(

Ive attached a few pictures so you can see the consistency of the shampoo and the conditioner. I enjoy how the shampoo is fairly thick and not too runny, as well as the conditioner.. its quite thick. As far as the mask and the hydrating oil go, I found the mask to work great at giving my hair that extra hydration after a bad week of using my flat iron. The oil also worked wonders after i applied it onto my damp hair :) I didnt use it after I styled my hair because I found it to be a little heavy for dry hair.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the NuMe Products! I had a pleasure trying these products out.. Im currently travelling with my husband and have brought my NuMe products along with me to use so you know I really do enjoy them! As most of you may know, I really like to take care of my hair and Im really specific on the things I use in my hair, so I can honestly tell you the NuMe products work great and you wont be disappointed!

I forgot to mention that the NuMe styling tools all have a 4 year warranty.. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! Most products only give 1 year so I thought that was fantastic!

Again for those of you who are interested in picking up any of the products that I mentioned, the NuMe website is and dont forget to enter farah4nume at check out to get a discount on their curling tools!

BESOS! <3 Farah


  1. Nancy love Farah says

    wow sissy :)

    happy to see u always :) hope to get my first post he he he :) running to post it now to be 1st :) love uuuuuu :)

  2. says

    honey hw is ur hand is too gud its fair clean nd superb glowing pls can u add an vidio hw r u takin care that nd also i hv a probm of which that i hv bad black underarms whr i m nt able to were sleeves

      • Zerin says

        I too have been wanting to ask you about how do you take care of your hands & feet…I mean they are like WOW all the time :)

        Just imagine, my fingers are fat, wrinkles all over and dark especially knuckles!! If thats the case of my hands, you better not think about my feet :( and i am only 24!! I really need to know pls :)

  3. Rachael says

    Hey Farah! I was super excited to read this review! I’ve been in the market for a new hair dryer( I just moved from home where I would just use my Moms). I knew all of the things you have told to look for in a hair dryer..I just couldn’t find anyone I felt would be a proper fit. Then I saw in your Vegas photos that your hair was looking super fab(you looked so good in both looks! I especially loved the cranberry peplum dress!!), aaannd, I saw a bit of the dryer and was trying to figure out where it was from. Lol, and you have given me the answer! Unfortunately it’s a tad out of my current budget (boo!). Do you have any cheaper recommendations? Or would you suggest on waiting and save up? I follow your hair care routine to the tee, and my hair is looking so’s finally growing back out, it’s strong and shiny, and best of all back to my original color! So anything you recommend I am all for! I was also interested in the argan oil, do you think it would work in thicker wavier hair? Ok, sorry for my extensive blabbing. I love your blog reviews! Please do a skincare routine! Oh, I must tell you I’ve done the tea tree oil for acne, my skin has never been better! I absolutely love you! Have a great time in your travels! Xoxo

    • FARAH says

      Hi hunnie! aw youre so sweet thank you hunnie!!!! Honestly… you get what u pay for .. so there could be cheaper alternatives but I dont want to recommend something I havent PERSONALLY tried because I dont want it to die on you or for it to be a flop when you spent your hard earned money on it .. this NuMe dryer is one of my favs along with the hanaAir by Misikko .. I would save up for something good rather than buy something over and over again :) im so hapy to hear about your hair!!! yes the argan oil would be great for thicker wavier hair.. I think its really well suited for wavier hair :) I LOVED reading ur comment!!! XOXO <3 love you too!!!

  4. Zerin says

    I too have been wanting to ask you about how do you take care of your hands & feet…I mean they are like WOW all the time :)

    Just imagine, my fingers are fat, wrinkles all over and dark especially knuckles!! If thats the case of my hands, you better not think about my feet :( and i am only 24!! I really need to know pls :)

    Thanks…! You are my GURU :) :)

  5. sony anusha says

    is it necessary to apply heat protector before blow drying hair?
    i have the bad fizzy hair, baby hair running all over my head :( and they are so wavy and doesn’t look good. what to do to make it alright ?
    bye love <3

  6. helga_ar says

    hi farrah, first off all, i LOVEEE ur hair, so healthy,, since im crazy abt hair too, my hair is naturally black, n i love black hair but after 2 times of permanent straightening (my real hair isn’t curl at all, i did it just to make my hair to be sleek LOL),,n my hair now is dry n not healthy.. i will try the almond oil like u did to ur hair.. btw thx for let us know this product, im happy tht u r so pickly in hair product.. btw u said ” I like to stay away from putting a lot of product into my hair after its been styled ” please explain? few times i use hair serum then use flat/curling iron.. then i ever read tht “don’t put oil on ur hair before u use heat tools,coz the oil will burn ur hair” is it true? how about the heat protection?
    so before use curling/flat iron/blow dry, wht things u use first? or u use nothing? then after style then u will use the oil? waiting ur reply,farrah..

  7. Marisol S says

    Hi Farah,
    I see we all have the same thing in common I love fashion, Beauty and Hair products myself. I have enjoyed watching and getting tips from your videos. I myself and starting my own blogs as I too start my hair growth journey. What suggestions can yo give me as far as being able to get sample products to review so I can talk about the best products out there. Well, Congrats and continual blessings in your endeavors…Much love :)

  8. Kai says

    I want to buy a package with almost all of the products you talked about but I’m African American . Is NuMe for black people ?

  9. PS says


    I come from a family who naturally have think long hair and we believe in Natural products. So though I have crossed 30, the only times I have been to a beauty palour was when my mom used to take me to cut my hair into a monkey cut till my 5th grade. After that, never visited a beauty palour in my whole entire life. The traditional south indian with thick long hair.

    But now, I have lots of stress at work and my hair started to drop off suddenly due to change in temperature, (I travelled to US, so change in water, diet,). Your hair care videos are really great! especially the blow dryer. I dry my hair traditionally – air drying :). I take a head bath everyday and leave my hair loose to dry, it is damaging a lot…I want to bring my hair level back to normal..thick and long..

    also, I will probably try to style my hair for the first time in my life..I like your style..think I will try that :) Please advise…

  10. Jocy says

    Thx a lot for the reviews I am going to try to purchase the curling tools because they seem great and a 4 year warranty that’s amazing!Thx again.

  11. Dorothy Hill says



    Thank You,


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