1. says

    hi farah, ur indian right???? if u r so am i 2 i love ur hair and everything about u. i desperately need Ur help i went 2 the hair dresser -z and the gave me a bad cut:( i need ur help on growing my hair back.

  2. arooba says

    hi farah u was looking wonderfull in your wedding mashallah…بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما في خير
    ur tutoria are realy realy helpful and i became ur student.may Allah bless u.ameen

  3. Anahita says

    Hi Farah, first of all, congratulations!!!!!!
    So your videos on YouTube are SO SO HELPFUL!!
    I did the “Weekly Hair Care Routine” and IT WAS REALLY HELPFUL . My hair grows up faster.
    Oouu I forgot …My name is Anahita and I came from India too, and I live in Canada ..So I’m getting married for 2 months.. In this moment I’m in India because of my engagement. The laptop that I have with me is so so so so stupid and I can’t watch the whole video so I watch the half video..You’re so beautifull ..I liked the cake sooooooooo much and I want similar cake for my wedding…So please can you tell me from where did you take the cake? It’s so beautiful and you are going to help me so much if you tell me.. xox

    • Ayesha says

      Hey fara love your vidoes you help me see a hole new world of make up and i want to do vedioes like you thankes for insparing me lotes of love your bigest fan ayesha :):)

      • Ayesha says

        Hey farah are you or your husband familiar with any cousins with the surname keval if so im related to you no joke!x

  4. Jeannie says


    I absolutely love love the song that plays over the wedding vid. PLEASE tell me what song that is and who sings it. I dont understand th lyrics but I absolutely love india movies and music. I am fascinated by that song!

  5. Remsha says

    OMG Your wedding is awesome!!!!!!!! By the way I’m Muslim I love the song that was playing and the movie is so well arranged the cake is amazing too its been a long time since I’ve been on your blog so I missed your wedding video when you posted it the first time.

  6. khrysty says

    Your wedding was gorgeous. I love the song that plays on your wedding video. Can you please tell me who sings it or the title of the song?

  7. sarah says

    Hey is there a studio where you provide makeup services in canada ?

    Your videos are amazing and extremely informative . Keep up the good work !

  8. Anjali says

    Hi farah,

    Do u know when I am bit free, I watch ur vidoes and enjoy … You are presence over the screen is so positive , I am sure as a real person you must be very vibrant… Lucky ur husband…

    Love u farah


  9. santhi says

    hi, dis is santhi, hve seen your videos which are very helpful. I would like you to suggest me any remedy for which I hve dark spots on my body due to mosquito bite. am very much worried as my marriage is in couple of months.hope u wil definetly respond. thank u.

  10. Marisela says

    Farah I am so happy I got to see your wedding video!! You looked amazing!!!! You look so happy and your family looks like fun! You are an amazing lady!!!! I know you’ve beeny tried for a while now but wanted to congratulate you anyway!!!!! Thanks for all your beauty/fashion advice!!! We love you Farah!!!!!!!!!

  11. says

    Hey Farah
    My names Aaiqah I live in the Uk let me just say your videos are literally amazing I feel like youve given a solution to most of my skin care issues with your vlogs!

    Btw I just checked out your wedding video and its funny because I actually got pretty Emoshhh and teary at the end it was beautiful mashAllah.

    Carry on making your videos theyre great mashAllah also can you discuss facial hair removal solutions other then waxing
    Thanks! Xoxo♥

  12. says

    Farah u r amazing. We r from the UK and just recently started to watch ur videos. My daughters who r 13ys n 8ys love u!

    Keep up the good work…it was nice to see ur wedding video…thanks for putting it up.

    Wonder what kind of couple u make with ur hubby…but he is lucky to be married to u despite his looks.

    Best of luck


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