How to Remove Dark Spots and Acne Scars

Hey Guys!

I hope you guys are well! This treatment comes from a really funny story.. a long time ago, my mom taught me that if I want my meat to be tender, I should blend up some green papaya and add it to the marinade to make my meat soft tender and delicious.. I thought, ok.. if papaya can do that to meat, then it MUST have something that can do something to our skin. So I read and read and read.. and found something so interesting!

GREEN UNRIPE PAPAYA is full of natural AHA’s aka. Alpha Hydroxy Acids! AHA’s are amazing for the skin because they lighten skin pigmentation (great for pimples that have left a dark scar) they decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they exfoliate your skin and they help the appearance of sun damaged skin!

Not only that, but Green unripe papaya contains a natural enzyme called Papain. Papain is LOVE!! It helps to exfoliate the superficial layer of dead skin cells so it makes room for new cells! THIS is the KEY ingredient in making your scars or skin overall, BRIGHTER, SMOOTHER and FAIRER! I mean, we spend SOOO much money on expensive products trying to achieve brighter smoother and fairer skin and to lighten our dark pigmentation scars, when a green unripe papaya only costs about $3 and ONE batch of this stuff will last you MONTHS!

The great thing about this mixture, is that you can freeze it into cubes and thaw it everytime you want to use it!

This mask is perfectly safe even for the most sensitive skin, I MUST advice however, if you are ALLERGIC TO LATEX, then please do a test patch first to see if your skin turns red.. because papaya has a natural ingredient in it called chitinase that can cause allergic reactions in those who are allergic to latex.

Since this is an exfoliating mask, then its best not to use it everyday! I use it 3 times a week whenever I’ve had a bad breakout and its left some scars behind! The best time to use this as at night time, 3 times a week, for 15 minutes each application. YOU WILL feel your skin tingle, not super tingly, but it will tingle. Dont worry though! Because that means its working!

Thats about it! I Hope you guys have enjoyed this video! I have another recipe using ripe papaya thats also awesome for the skin so if youd like to see that, let me know!

BESOS! <3 Farah


  1. Greha(cakerina) says

    I am sooooooo blessed to have u in my life. Ur vids have helped me immensely. I feel so lucky to b the first one to respond luvvvvv u farah . Cannot xpress in words how beautiful u r inside rid of acne cos of ur skin care tutorial . Not a day goes by that I don’t bless u .my hair is even better bcos of ur the almond oil n peppermint oil mix . Luvvvvvv u . Am a huge fan

    • FARAH says

      awwww thank you so much for leaving this comment!! im so happy ive been able to help you in any way that i can!!!! i love YOU!!!!! not fan.. friend!!! xo

  2. kalyani says

    darling ur just awesome…i v no words left….so innovative…just love love love u….plz suggest a glowy ,dewy foundation ….loved ur perfection luminere….ll not buy another one unless get a suggestion form u….plz helpp:)
    love u…more frequent videos plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..may god bless u:)

    • FARAH says

      thank you baby!!! i love YOU!!!!!! honestly, i havent been able to find a foundation that matches how amazing the perfection lumiere is.. once i do ill let you know!!! XO!

  3. Iqraa says

    Salam Farah,

    Love your videos and this one will be really usefull too me thank u very much ! You looking too good !
    Love your skin , ur really Ma cha Allah !
    Wanna know can you plzzzzzzz plz plz make a video for dry skin and scurf plz ! because i havemany skin problems and when i apply make up i’v a lot of scurf :/ its horible

    Tc love x

    • FARAH says

      walaikum salaam love!!! thank you sweetie!!!!!! Yes of course i can make a video for dry skin!! ill add it to my list! xo Lov you!

  4. Astha says

    Hey Farah…first…ur are an adorable person and I admire you so much…like honestly…!!
    secondly…more than anything else…you have given me a huge inspiration…!! Hats off to ur ideas and all the initiatives u have taken… :)
    I personally am in love your videos…all of them are amazing and super informative… :)
    The only problem with people like me who do not live in states or canada is…we do not get all the products that u mention in ur videos easily…but still ive been managing…except for the shampoo and the conditioner :D
    Im sure im gonna bug u sometime and ask u to pick one for me from the ones available here in India… :P
    But right now *hugs*…ur awesome!! and I love this video like all other videos of urs!! <3

    • FARAH says

      hi darling!! thank you so much!!!!!!! im so happy ive been able to inspire you! im sorry that the shampoos that i use arent available in india.. do you have loreal there? the loreal sulphate free shampoos are also great as well as anything that has amla in it.. just make sure that theres no heavy mineral oils or sulphates in the shampoo that you use. hugs!!!

      • Raquel says

        Hello Farah:

        What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Also, the leave-in conditioner you use after washing your hair?
        I have very fine hair, that also gets oily quickly – would you recommend what you use for my hair type?
        I have been looking for the castor oil, but haven’t seen the one you are using in your video.

        Btw, I’m a fellow Torontonian as well! :)


  5. Sara says

    Oh god Farah if this works for Acne Scars I will love you forever and ever!!
    Teens have a HUGE problem about this (Yeah, I’m a teen too)
    Thank you xo
    Love from NYC

    • FARAH says

      stay consistent with it and ull notice a big difference! i think everyone has a problem with this haha.. especially clumsy ppl like me who walk into things and drop things on my face and leave scars haha <3 love farah

  6. Nancy love Farah says

    Hi darlling supeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr excited tat updating more vodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this fast my dear aweesoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu darling muah, upload more ya especially for hair yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. MARYAM says

    Hii Farah ,
    thank you so much for your videos !! i m from Morocco and i love you videos … God bless you and thank youuu

  8. Sabihah mamdani says

    Hii gorgeous!!!! Love this video :) I hope you can do a video showing what you do to your hair and skin every day of the week!!! That would be amazing… Hugs and kisses I ❤❤ you!!!

    • FARAH says

      HI MY LOVE!!!! Ive missed you!!! feels like we havent talked ind forever!!!! Yessss a timeline video will be coming soon :) love you baby!!!

  9. Amna says

    SAlam farah hoope ur greattt love your videos soo sooo soo muchhh ! i just wanted to ask is there any other site besides youtube where u can post ur videos because i am in Pakistan and its banned here now and i never miss any of ur videoos lol soo coould you post them up any where else : /

    • FARAH says

      walaikum salaam!! thank you hunnie!!!!! right now the only place that i post my videos is on youtube :( i had no idea that youtube is banned in Pakistan.. did this happen recently? Ill look into other places for me to post my videos :) xo love you!

    • Nadia says

      Hey dear,

      Why don’t you use a proxy? It’ works like a charm.

      Or you can,

      open google, type Ultrasurf.

      open the first link.

      Download the software (it does not need to be installed)

      Run it and open farah’s blog. You can view Youtube videos. You can also open Youtube itself.

  10. says

    Hello dear Farah :), I hope your doing well, Im so impressed by your videos, every time I watch them ;) Really thumps UP!!.And this one is a must see video,specially for acnic prone skin ppl ,like me For sure Im gonna use this one as I am also using your Turmeric and cheackpeas flour mask,I ‘m just poping a question!! its about the almond oil that you were using in that video ( how to clean yr make up brushs) it’s called Kissan, I made some quick online search, and I found out that it’s a Cannadian cooperation brand, and I wanted to purchase it online, but couldn’t find out the link, is there any specific website wher I can get it, that shipped to US?……….I know it’s a little curious question, but I got an Almond oil even expensive one , however, was mixed with other herbs, and I checked on Ebay,and no trace for this Kissan Brand.I hope Ill get a reply from you soon .Much Luvvvvvvvvv XOXOXOX!!!

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling!!! im doing great thank you!! how are you?! Thank you so much!!! Honestly, i dont use the kissan brand one anymore, any brand of almond oil works amazing just as long as its 100% almond oil… but the one that i am using now is by Suraj. You can try amazon :) but like i said.. as long as its 100% almond oil the brand doesnt matter… try amazon tho! love Farah

  11. Samer says

    Hey, Farah thank u so much for this video I been waiting for this video for long time. I love all ur remedies and I follow them. Especially my hair become more healthy after using alomond and peppermint oil love u thank you. I really admire you how u take time off from your busy life to help us. Love love love you a lot also respect and admire you for your work. I want to ask you I live in US in CA state I could not find the manuka honey in grocery store. You think using pomegranate juice will give same result as using fresh promegranate . Also I am waiting for your timeline video for hair routine . Thanks love u :)))

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling! my pleasure!!! im so happy to hear that!!!!! Honestly, makin these videos makes me SOOO happy and then i get comments from wonderful friends like you and it makes me even happier.. so thank YOUUU for making me so happy all the time!!!!! If u cant find manuka honey, its perfectly fine you can use raw honey.. try whole foods :) timeline video coming soon! love you! Farah

  12. Samera says

    I find on amazon have manuka honey I don’t know which one to buy because top of each bottle it’s say MGO 400 so their are different MGO number where as on your honey bottle says premium . So am really confuse does these MGO number matter or if not then I should purchase . Btw it’s really expensive honey for 250g it’s for $47.82:((

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling.. wow thats crazy expensive!!! do you have any organic store locally that you could possibly check? i dont suggest buying it for that expensive, you can use raw honey instead.. as far as MGO goes, it doesnt matter what the number is, usually the lower the number the cheaper it is but since were applying it topically, the number doesnt really matter as much. Go for raw honey tho its much cheaper and does the trick as well :) xo

  13. Sabina Yasmin says

    Hey my Sweet Farah,

    I was just wondering, has there been any time in your life you didn’t look Cute!!! I mean, seriously 24/7 how can you be looking so good and smart.. Well My question from his Video is what is the Toner name that you use and what is the eye cream you have used in this Video.. Thanks again for this video..


    • FARAH says

      Hi my darling! you are SOO sweet!! thank you so much!!! i dont always look good trust me!! the toner ive been using is a home made one with rosewater and the eye cream i use is the DIY eyecream that i made a lil while back.. i have a video on it :) xo love u

  14. Diane says

    Dearest Farah,

    I am your super-fan. I loved watching all your videos and have tried so many of these easy solutions you have provided us with.

    May i request you to please come up with a solution for stretch marks. And ya, these are not pregnancy marks. These have occurred due to my extreme weight gain. I have been working out for the past one year now and have started noticing stretch marks on my arms. Please help

    Thank you gorgeous :)

  15. Ruchika says

    hey Farah..
    i love you sooo are very helpful..
    pls help me..i live in India and i started my clg this year..and im tanned very badly now..bcs of the same..
    pls help skin looks very bad now..verryy dark and damaged,,! :(

  16. sidra says

    hey farrah,i luv ur vids ……….can u please make a video for even skin tone actually my skin had acne and now its gone i have no scars but i have dead and dull skin i m just 20;( especially around nose dead skin….i cannot use harsh products becuz ma skin is sensitive too pllllllllllleeeeeeaaaasssseee tell me .

  17. *E* says

    Hi Farrah! I knew abt papaya being great for the skin but didn’t know abt the raw green one! Can you tell me if it is also safe to use on the lips? My lips over the last few years have become dark and pigmented even though they were pinkish before :( Let me know if the papaya will work or if there is any other remedy :) <3

    P.S. I tried your apple cider rinse for my hair fall problem for the 1st time yesterday. It stank, but I like the results so far, will defn keep doing it every week!

  18. Samera says

    Hey Farrah , i bought green papaya so i thought its raw papaya , but it trun out to be ripe one when i cut it out. :( so how do i get to choose the raw papaya ?

  19. Michele says

    Love your blog and youtube and ALL you do!!!
    Quick question, can you do a video on what your use on your face for moisture and body such as a oil or lotion??
    I hate the products in the stores, they are full of junk and love DYI recipes!
    Thanks much!!!

  20. Janhavi says

    hiiiiiiiiiiii farah!!!! :D
    Hows u been ???? i love eating ripe papaya and now i have a reason to put raw papaya on my face.. yay!!! ur hair wash video was so helpful i lose less hair now… i mean its amazinnnnng…. Awesome how ur tshirt color matches dt of the raw papaya heheheheh :P
    I Love u !!! u r a shweeeeeetheart and may God Bless you…!! Mwah! <3…
    keep smiling!! :)

  21. Zar says

    A hearty Salam all the way from Lahore, Pakistan, Farah!
    First things first, I have never commented on a blog before, so it feels a little weird expressing my thoughts like this, but I just HAD to tell you this: you are phenomenal! I am notttt kidding! I just lovvve the way you combine Indian and Pakistani traditional totkey with your modern expertise and conjure up magical ideas! Your videos are fun, entertaining, and veryyy veryyy helpful! I’m using your masks, your hair care techniques, even your hairstyling and makeup techniques all the time these days, and I’m totally loving everything I try! Thank youuuu!!

    Secondly, this is a fact: I had to study for an admission test for my post-grad studies last month and I used to motivate myself by watching one of your videos after every one or two chapters I read. (Haha i don’t mean to sound like a retarded stalker, but I needed something interesting and entertaining so I wouldn’t doze off between chapters!) That way, I could sit up and study the whole night through for 2.5 weeks; so effectively I owe you a biggg thank you after getting accepted into a very prestigious Mphil program!

    Oh and btw, this comment didn’t really have much to do with this video, since I couldn’t watch it. I just genuinely hope we can access youtube again soon; I miss seeing your videos!

    Needless to say, I love you! You make all us desi girls proud! Lots of love and hugs *muwah*

  22. SA says

    Hey Farah, LOVE your videos! Hope you keep making many more :) ! I just had a quick question. Can you do a makeup tutuorial on how to apply eye makeup (esp eyeliner) for big/round eyes so they don’t ‘pop’ as much or appear bigger? Thank you.

  23. Taseen says

    Which mask would you suggest and prefer, this one or the tumeric mask? I have bad breakouts.

    Love your videos!!

  24. desiree says

    Hi Farah

    I love love love your videos, and I’m currently attending beauty school in California, CA and I found you on YouTube n I couldn’t believe the vid you did with cutting your own hair I was amazed n showed few classmates . They instantly got obsessed like myself if I had long hair I wud try it on myself bug I have shoulder length hair :( I want long hair, I miss it so much. But this vid with papaya can the eliminate old acne scars or just new ones? XOXO love you so much I learn from you in every vid I wish I had more money to purchase the makeup n brushes. You’re an inspiration!!!!

  25. Elena says

    Hi Farah! Really nice video, thank you so much! I know this mask from my trip to Thailand, cause they have a lot of green papaya ) Love your skin, never noticed any dark on your face btw )

  26. anusha says

    hi farah whenever i saw ur videos it reminds me of my grand mom.she used to tell me all these masks for face and hair using natural fruits and leaves like hibiscus.miss her so badly.anyways great work :)

    lots of love…. anu :)

  27. anusha says

    forgot to thank you. u rock and ur awesome because ur helping alot of people like me to build confidence. all the way from india .

  28. Samera says

    Hi, Farah . I can’t find raw papaya anywhere I even went to organic store, whole food they all have ripe papaya . Can you tell me where I can get it please thanks??

  29. Syeda says

    ASWK farah thank you so much for this help ful vedio I follow and use every thing which u say and love u are the best and can I request u one thing I just want to know which is the best cleanser for oily skin thank you
    Lots of love tc

  30. NINA says

    Hi dear, i like all your videos. i have a question regarding this papaya mask. In video you said not to apply too close to eyes. But in pictures for video thumbnails it shows like it removed black circles around eyes. can you please clarify how to use it around eyes as I have dark circles.

  31. Brandi says


    I love all your videos but i had a quick question.. I recently burned the top of my shoulder curling my hair… (its really long) I used scar zone and other scar removers which helped but do you think this would help a scar thats about 2 months old? Thanks!!

    xoxox B!!

  32. Tamica says

    I just came across your DIY videos and they are very interesting. I wanted to know if these techniques work on African American skin (especially those with acne or scars and dark marks from acne).

  33. DeDe says

    I ran into your YouTube channel by Fashionist804. I was looking at your DIY & Remedies and fell in love. I appreciate your time of showing how you can do things yourself. But I wonder if your remedies works on darker skin? I’m African American and I really want to try the remedies.
    Thx u. Peace & Blessings

  34. ur biggest fan says

    Hello Farah,

    I want to say that I adore you. I NEVER wear makeup, so my self esteem about my face comes from my natural beauty (everyone has some) and all natural, easy, homemade remedies. I constantly use the turmuric mask, and not a day has gone by where I dont sleep at night without a dab of vaseline on my eyelashes. I have been begging my mom for vitamin e oil and evening primrose oil. :) I really like your you tube videos. And when you replied to my comment/question on Instagram I almost had a heart attack! And the best thing is your kindness. You are so exactly like me in the fact that you get easily distracted, you like to laugh and be silly, and you are very connected to your culture. (I love being indian ;) ) But no matter how many hateful comments that have been thrown at you, you never lose your ground, and manage to just murder the hater with kindness! I really like you, and you and two other youtubers are the only people I have subscribed to! Please dont stop being you!

  35. Zainab says

    Hey Farah,

    I tried applying the papaya on my face BUT IT DOES NOT STAY. Can you please tell us another remedy for acne scarring. I used to have really bad acne on my face it has left a lot of darkish brown scars on my face.

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