How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! As most of you may know, I have really pigmented lips and I hate them! I was on my Facebook the other day and a lovely friend Mrooj suggested that I use almond oil on my lips.. and I was like WOW why didnt I think of that!! I use almond oil on literally EVERYTHING so I dunno why I didnt think to use it on my lips!

I have been using this since she suggested it a month ago and I noticed a big difference in m lips! They are more pink and supple, where as before they were darker!

All you need for this is brown sugar, honey and lemon.. use that as a scrub and then of course, apply almond oil as the moisturizer!

I do the scrub every other night and I apply the almond oil every night :)

I hope you guys enjoyed that video!
Besos <3 Farah


  1. Tee says

    Will this work out for discoloration “around” the mouth area? It’s been getting colder and colder everyday where I live at, and my lips are getting drier and even discolored. Not only my lips but the skin around my lips is getting discolored and dry. TT___TT

  2. Tanu says

    Hi farah

    I jus saw ur video . It is amazing. I like to try it out. But can we use regular sugar instead of brown sugar

  3. guest says

    Can you make an updated video about your lightening lip journey? Idk if it’s just me, but it seems as though your lips have gotten a lot lighter in your more recent videos. Is it due to this scrub and oil treatment you’ve been consistently doing?

  4. rabiya says

    AslamoAlaikum farah i feel pleasure to see the video but please tell me can almond oil burn the skin if used regularly?Please confirm me about this. as almond oil is bleaching agent,has it not any side effects?
    Please reply soon.
    thank u.

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