How to Layer Mascara Using Drugstore Mascaras

Hey Guys!

I wanted to do this quick how-to video on how I layer my mascara. Whenever I go out, family, friends, and even strangers always ask me how I layer my mascara, or how I apply mascara in general… Soooo I thought this would be a great video for you guys to see!

Whether you’re layering mascara, or you’re just using one mascara, HOW you apply it, plays a large role in how dark, long, and thick your lashes are going to be. Im a HUGE mascara fan! I think if I was stranded on an island and was only allowed one make up item, I’d definitely choose mascara. Mascara really opens up your eyes and just makes life so ahhhhhhhhh :) haha

So like I was saying, the way you apply your mascara plays a really really big roll. I noticed that a lot of people apply the mascara by just running the wand through the lashes and thats it. The trick to getting your thickest longest lashes, is applying the mascara from the roots/base of your lashes and wiggling and blinking so the wand gets stuck in the lash hairs (kind of like combing your head hair) so the mascara really sticks onto the lashes.

I made up a terrible song as you heard in the video that goes “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle blink.. yeaaa” and honestly, i sing this everytime i apply mascara haha usually in my head so my husband doesnt think he married a nut case hahaha

Like I said in the video, this is NOT a sponsored video, but I just wanted to show you guys how MUCH i love these two mascaras together. Ive tried almost EVERY drugstore mascara, and nothing compares to how my lashes look when I use these two together. They really are Batman and Robin of mascara! \

For the first coat, I like to use the Loreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara.. This mascara is awesome because it makes your lashes really dark and thick and voluminous. I like to just get as much product as I can onto my lashes when I apply this mascara.

I let this mascara dry for about 30 seconds until it becomes a little tacky. THIS is the key to applying two coats of mascara and layering your mascara.

Once the mascara is tacky, I like to use the Loreal False Fiber Lashes as my second coat. This mascara is HEAVEN! I love how it has little lash fibers inside of the mascara so when you apply it, it coats your lashes with fibers and makes them thicker and longer and juicier and just amazing!!!! The reason I like to use this as a second coat, instead of a first coat, is because I find it doesnt make my lashes as dark as Id like. But when pairing it with the carbon black, its like the best recipe EVER! So once the first coat gets tacky, apply this mascara and the youll notice the fibers attaching to your lashes. You will fall in love. LOVE!

I hope you guys enjoyed that quick little “how to” video! Let me know if youd like to see some more of these basic how-to’s!

Have an amazing week! Im off to the mall with my sister! What are you up to today or any special plans for the weekend?

Besos! <3 Farah


  1. Rapunzel says

    Yayyy im the first one to comment this time,, hahahaha… as soon as i saw no one has commented yet i was like go Hira goooo… ;P heheheh

    Farah i just sooo luv you, ure a beautiful person inside out… n yes i tried ur peppermint mix n it has helped me, MashaALLAH…. :D :D and thanks sweetheart for introducing me to almond oil, i use it on my hair and also as a body moisturiser.. and taraa pa paaa Im lovin it!! hehehehe…
    Biigg Huggg and muwaahhhh… :) :)

    P.s: I love how u respond to your followers and fans a.k.a Friends as you call Us… ure juss too good… muwaahh again.. :)

    • FARAH says

      YAYYYYYY finally!!!! :D I love you too hunnie!! im so happy to hear that the peppermint is working for you!! I love responding to everyone as much as i can :) im making so many wonderful friends :D Love you baby!! xo

  2. khadija says

    hey beautiful, love the video i’ve similar lashes like you i would love it if you showed us some hair removol tricks thank you x

  3. Erica says

    Hey, my eyelashes are the weirdest. when they naturally look down, like straight down, when i close my eyes they touch my face!!! It’s so sadd… can u do a video on how to curl lashes (not with a curler) or a way I can get them to stay curled permanently. i curl them with a menthol cap (not with menthol) and it lasts me rather than when I use a curler but if it rains …. there goes my curled lashes …. and if i apply mascara they start to go back to their original state ….. HELLLPPP pLLLLZZZ!!!

    • FARAH says

      my husbands lashes are the same! yes of course i can show a way to curl lashes :) the bestttt is to use somethin thats heated so it really makes the curl last! menthol cap is so smart!!! I will definitly make a video for that!! xo

  4. Veronica says

    I love your lashes. I have long eyelashes also and I use the Vaseline at night. When I”m applying mascara my lashed curled in or out and I don’t know why. I only curled my lashed once.. Is it possible for my lashes to be straight?

    • FARAH says

      thank you sweetheart!!! the vaseline trick is awesome!! what do you mean your lashes curl in or out? sometimes eyelashes curlers can make your eyelashes kinky if you dont use them right :) ur lashes could possibly be straight :) xo

  5. Janhavi says

    Hiiiiii farah!! M outta town ri8 now bt I don’t miss out on loggin in to watch ur vids :).. Love ur lashes.. Thnx to vaseline mine hv grown tooo yay!! I love u for updatin such awesome videos.. U r gorgeous n I loooooove ur hair.. Mwah <3.. Keep smilin :D..

  6. Nancy says

    HI:) my dear sissy !

    how r u yaar? Still am waiting for your hair washing video yaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

    loved this video as always , my siso too had fun while watching this :) love u darling,

    make some updated vidooooo for hair curling with straightener ya, >3 >3>3>3

  7. Shanice says

    Hey Farah! Thanks 4 this vid! So helpful & YES i would loveee 2 see more how to videos! I hve 1 question 4 u – do u hve any tips or remedies for a receding hairline? Btw I don’t tie my hair up tightly or anything, I usually just have a loose plait. Would love to hear from u. Lotsaa loooove mwa x

    • FARAH says

      hey darling!! my pleasure!!!!!!!! are you using face product to close to the face? also, try and apply some castor oil on your hairline :) that helps! xo Love ya!

  8. Farah Khan says

    Hi Farah…Love from India <3
    I am in love with you and ur videos…ur an amazing person…!!
    Im studying medicine… my days are spent in hospital and nights staring into books…I really dont get much time to take care of myself…though I try hard…but since ive found u on youtube…u have become an INSPIRATION to me and my friends… <3
    I had a tiny bit of a question to ask you…as u know all matrix products are not available in India…I tried ordering one online…its called matrix opticare….but u know it has SLS paraben and wat not…and i tried it and i had massive hair fall…can u please please suggest me a shampoo that is available in India? Ordering from US gets really costly…I ordered rusk conditioner and paid 60$ for a 33.8 oz bottle…but I love it like anything now…
    so Farah please suggest one for me…I really hope u wud reply…Im a big fan of urs…!!

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling!!! India!! i wish i could visit one day!!! thank you so much you are so sweet!! Honestly, reading ur mesage made me SOO happy!! im so happy and proud of you for studying so hard!!! do you get loreal there? the loreal sulfate free shampoo is really really good! also, i hear in india there is an amla shampoo.. anything that has amla in it is amazing for hair! wow $60 thats a lot! im so sory to hear that i wish it was available there!!! Let me know if u have loreal there or maybe suggest some of the brands that have amla in it and i can look into it for u! xo

  9. Elena says

    Hello Farrah! Thank you again for one more great video! Your lashes are awesome!!! Do you still use vazeline every night on your lashes? Waiting too much for Haircare complete videooooo!!!!!

  10. Samera says

    Hello, Farah I loved this video thanks . I just bought these mascaras today they do work great together. U are very sweet and nice person . Whenever am bore I always watch ur videos so far now I had watch each video like more then 10times. I love u :)) ur my online friend. I am still waiting for ur hair routine video because I do everything so far u suggest for hair . My hair look great after using ur products especially almond and peppermint oil . Thanks <3

  11. Reesa says

    Hi farah!
    Gorgeous as always!!!! Can you list all the foundations and concealers (if any) you use in one list pls? Btw would loveee a video on your moisturizers, skin care routine etc. I know you did the under eye and hair tutorials but a head to toe would be awesome?

  12. Isabel says

    Hi FARAH!(((:
    Question!? my eyelashes are straight down and if I apply this mascara would my eyelashes go back down, even though I curled them??

  13. Rachel says

    Hi, I recently started watching videos on ” how to make-up” trutorials and fell in love with yours. You have beautiful hair eyelashes lips and skin. But, what really caught my attention was the lip trick you do. My lips are somewhat like that, their pinkish with a dark discoloration. Yet still it never crossed my mind to cover it with a base or whatever it’s called. I’m a beginner so you can bet your last dollar your videos became movie night. Lol

  14. Brittany says

    You have the most amazing eyelashes I’ve ever seen. At night I’ve started using olive oil on my lashline. My left eyelashes are taking to it well, but right ones aren’t growing and it looks weird!

  15. Jazmyn says

    How long are your eyelashes 0.0 ? Mine are very long but I dont feel like anything compared to yours :) You can measure your eyelashes XD sounds silly right? >.> I’ve watched this video over a thousand plus times and now I feel like I dont deserve to wear mascara lol xo Love you Farah. You make me want to pay more attention to how I look and see myself. Not in a bad way in a positive. I’ve been watching you for almost 2 years now. You have changed my confidence very much over the past year C: Dont stop what you do!! <3 :D

  16. Paulina says

    hello beauty, my name is Paulina and i’m your fan, the first video that i saw from you was the tutorial how cut your hair and the video is so good and very detail that when i tried to make my own hair after following every step in your video, when i done, my hair cut was amazing, and that was the first time that i cut my own hair, after that, i follow every step that you suggest in your videos.

    I need some help with my eyelashes. I bought the Batman and Robin mascaras “L’oreal voluminous carbon black and Voluminous False Fiber Lashes”, and they work good my eyelashes looks really big, but i don’t have natural curly eyelashes so i curly them first and then i apply the mascara, like you show in your video, but when i apply the mascara my eyelashes fall down. Do you have somo solution for help me i’ll love to see my eyelashes bigs and curls.

    Thanks darling xoxoxo.

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