How to get Clear, Acne Free, Dark Circle Free Skin!

Hey Guys!

I forgot to mention in the video that if you dont have gram flour you can use all purpose flour as a substitute!

Ive been using this turmeric mask for a while now and I usto break out with little things, but it really has reduced/stopped the amount of breakouts that I get :) Whenever I feel a pimple coming on (especially when elmo is in town) it prevents it from coming out! seriously! I LOVE this stuff and its amazing that it’s soo cheap!

A lot of Indian’s use Turmeric in food, but its also used as a mask before an Indian Bride gets married :) its also widely known as Peeti.

It does stain so be careful and make sure you don’t get it in your eyes, afterall, it is a spice!

Turmeric as a mask is known to reduce and eliminate wrinkles, and dark circles. If you’re concern is mostly dark circles, then I have a great recipe for you!

Take about 2 tablespoons of buttermilk and add a pinch of Turmeric and put it on your undereyes for 20 minutes.. wash it off and go on with your day!

If you drink Turmeric as the recipe I gave you in my video, its great for you since, especially for women, it helps your overall health and prevents osteoporosis!

If you’re pregnant, please ask your doctor before you go ahead and take turmeric as a drink on the regular. Turmeric is known to be a uterine stimulant so be careful with that if your preggos!

Theres a lot more health benefits as well.. heres a few:

— treats cancers and Alzheimers
— detoxes the liver
—-natural pain killer
—–helps with depression
——it helps speed up the process of healing wounds and helps in fixing damaged skin




2 Tbsp Gram Flour
1 Tbsp Almond Oil
1/2 Tsp Turmeric

Remember.. You can always refrigerate the leftovers!



  1. Daee says

    Im allergic to all kinds of nuts etc. if I put almond oil on my face would it break me out or cause a allergic reaction? I love your videos & you are so pretty :). I look up to you

  2. Ana says

    Hey Farah

    Firstly, thank u soooooo much for all ur diys, ur totally awesome mashAllah. I recently started following you and Alhumdulillah i see a big difference in my hair and skin. Thank u once again

    Regarding this haldi mask, i tired it with all purpose flour as gram flour doesn’t suit my skin. But after applying the pack i could barely keep it for 5 mins ,my skin was like literally burning and was really red after i washed the mask out :( what could have gone wrong, plzzzzzzz help

    One more request, i cant find Matrix colorcare shampoo whats the next best alternative***

    thank u once again & you rock girl :)

  3. Jessica says

    Do you use regular milk or buttermilk? I would have to defiantly have to try this, all other product don’t work and I don’t see any result. Thank you for sharing this video!!

  4. nadia says

    Thank you for your videos, I’v alread love your tumeric mask face, now I’m going to try this on
    can I use water instead of butter milk? because I am on a diet fee milk, so I wonder if I can only use water + tumeric
    Love from Paris, France

  5. Evin says

    Hii i just wanted to know if tou can use something eles insted of buttermilk? Cuz where i live they Dont sell it. Strange i know:)

  6. Dominique says

    I too love using tumeric masks. I would like to use it more than I do now but i have to admit I don’t like the clean up process. Tumeric is a natural stainer and I have a white bathroom (So that means I have to clean up throughly each time I use it. I hate having to use bleach to clean daily) I would like to know what you do to clean up your bathroom or sink after rinsing off a tumeric mask. That would actually be a great video. Also I use tumeric all over the body sometimes with besan for an amazing body scrub that leaves you body baby smooth…..but once again the cleanup sucks!!! This issue alone permits me to use it as much as I would like….Help! :)

  7. Pravina says

    Hye farah..just wanted to know what facial wash,toner and mosturizer do you use?i have combination skin and I’m looking for a glowing and whitening effect…what do you recommend??

  8. Natasa says

    Hi dear friend!

    I have a question about the video.
    Do i have to use regular milk or buttermilk?

    I hope you mail me back!

    Love, Natasa

  9. Shewly says

    Hi I saw all your video I am suffering from hair loss my hair very thin sort very fizzy I don’t know what kind of sampoo and condition I can use I am losing my hair from top part I don’t know I can take any vitamin supplement for that my hair some time doesn’t fall if it’s get little longer start fall I got dendruf as well please ans me thank you

  10. Josephine says

    I have a fair skin, if i apply it. Does it colour my skin or stain it on my skin? if the colour stain my skin will it like disappear after few hours?

  11. says

    Message*hi mam m female m fair n in my skin acne n blackheads r there i had done many face packs n use many products bt nthg solutn is came my skin is so rough plzzzzzzz tell me d solution n good home made product.reply

  12. says

    Could you suggest a solution on how I can remove blackening on Knee cap? My knee cap darker compared to rest of my skin texture. Any tips on this??

  13. JimyG says

    Hey Farah!

    LOV LOV LOV ur videos! I just wanted to thank you for writing the recipe in the notes. I plan my “DIY” at work and it will be soooo much easier to reference the recipe in ur notes rather than having to watch the video over & over.

    Also, It would be great if you had an index for all of your videos. I have trouble finding the one I want to look at without having to scroll through the pages.

    Thank you so much for all of the great DIY for personal care!

  14. JoyaKaur says

    Dear, Farah
    I love watching your videos they so interesting, I like to learn new things from you.. You inspire me❤
    By the way I just tired this mask right now; cuz I have few breakouts and hopefully it works.
    Well, may god bless you and eep you safe and healthy

  15. mo wezzy says

    hi farah

    i just want ask you if you can use olive oil or any other oil instead of almond oil, also after you wash your mask off with hot water do you apply anything else to your face like a cream or moisturizer and does this make your skin lighter, remove sun burn and what side effects does this mask have please. Also how many times do you need to apply this mask once a day or once a week and when do you stop.

  16. jeff says

    this video is amazing, i just wanna know if men can use this mask or is it only for women, how many times a day or weeks do you use this mask, will it get your skin back to its original color or what.

  17. stacey says

    Hello I really love your mask I used olive oil instead. I only used it twice and my skin feel better than ever thank you!

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