How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

Hey Guys!

This has been a super requested! I usually go to the salon like twice a year, because hair as long as mine is NOT cheap to get cut, and if I went every single time I needed a trim.. girrrllll I would be broke!!

So, I am a licensed cosmetologist so Im pretty confident in cutting my own hair :) It’s really easy to cut your own hair you just need to practise and make sure that you cut it in even sections and not all over the place!

If you are going to be cutting your hair at home regularly, then please invest in some good scissors! Walmart carries scissors for $10 but long term wise, you dont want to use these scissors. I suggest investing in a pair of good salon quality shears that range between $60-90. I know that sounds really pricey JUST for a pair of scissors but honestly, theyll last you for a really really long time.. if not forever! And you can get them resharpened if you feel like theyre getting a little dull (which wont happen as much since you wont be cutting hair as much as a hairdresser does!)

The scissors that I am using are from a brand called Cricket.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!!

Would you guys like to see more hair cutting videos!?

BESOS! <3 Farah


  1. Clara E. says

    Hello :)

    This video is awesome. So, I’m not a licensed professional but am very interested in investing into some good shears for my hair. I have very fine thin strands of hair but I have a good amount of it [so my hair doesn’t look too thin or flat]. You mentioned I could get good quality for $60-$90 which is MUCH cheaper than I’ve seen. And when I do find a website with reasonable ones I’m blocked because I’m not a professional and therefore am not able to purchase.

    Could you maybe provide a link for some good scissors within the price range you mentioned that I’d be able to purchase for my type of hair? Or maybe and idea of what I should look for? Any help would be so appreciated :)

    Thank you!! Love your videos :) :)
    Clara E.

  2. says

    Hello, my name is Priscilla, I’m from Brazil
    I was very happy to find your video on the internet.
    I wanted to cut my hair like yours, but I’m afraid I’ll do it myself. Do you have any tips for me?

  3. Nena says

    Hey Farah,

    I love your hair and this tutorial too. You’ve inspired me to cut my hair on my own, so I’ll send you a note after I do it – that’s going to be today! I just have a quick question for you. I have black, long, medium-thin hair and my skin complexity is lighter than yours, so I guess I’d define myself as brunette or Moroccan (as in tanned or caramel) or morena? I’ve been trying to change the color of my hair to something a bit lighter or just different but without losing my latina style – as I’m latina.

    Do you have any recommendation for hair color that would go well with my type of skin and hair? I’d be so appreciative if you could be specific as to the brand, name or the hair color you recommend, how to mix it – if it is a combination of colors, and even how to apply it, especially if you have a recommendation to get highlights which would be awesome.

    Most hair dresses I’ve gone to don’t know much about products or colors that work for latinas, so I’m super afraid to ask them and would rather try to color my hair on my own.

    Thanks again for your amazing help and look forward to hearing from ya!


  4. E.M. says

    Hi Farah,

    Your tutorials are absolutely awesome! My hair came out great with this! i had to watch it sooooo many times because I was just too scared! End result was so awesome, my husband said that “you never would have guessed you did it yourself. It came out better than an expensive haircut.” Thank you soooo much Daahhhling! ;D

  5. Valerie says

    OMG! I love this video! I usually trim my own hair but get it cut at a salon I regulate. Well last time my regular lady wasn’t there and the girl that cut my hair cut it WAY to short. So now I’ve been trying to let it grow out for a few months now and it’s just not growing fast so I didn’t want to cut it but was getting very tired of it. Anyways I found this video and even though my hair is short, (shoulder length at the longest point), I tried it. And I love it! Thank you for showing us all how. I’ve been looking at your other videos too, and I’m going to try some of the hair and scalp regiments you put up, as well as some of the things for your face/skin. Thank you again, your awesome!

    -Your new fan!

  6. tatyana says

    hi, can you please, please tell how to ask my salon for the same hair cut in layers like you have ?
    (some people do not know how to cut long hair! )
    thank you =)

  7. Alessandra says

    Faraaah my hairdresser cut my hair but she graduated them too much and now my hair seem to be all ruined with a lot of split ends :'(((

  8. Nani says

    Hi Farah, I just cut my hair with your tutorial and it turned out amaaazing! thank you so so much! This will save me so much money. You are such an inspiration! Thank you and muuuch love from a Sri Lankan girl in Germany :)

  9. Sara says

    What’s the difference between thinning and texturizing shears? Which ones should I get for layering my hair?

  10. Christine says

    I really love this, like it’s so my favorite.
    SO much that this is my diy style now!!!
    Im so inlove with it.
    I can’t wait for more videos,
    Im addicted to you: )
    I have wanted this style for years but could never bring myself to trust anyone, i love my long hair too much,.
    But i had no second thought about doing this. Yay: )

  11. Simaab says

    is this hair also for thin or medium thin hair? :) please reply someone!!! ASAP I’m gonna do it in a bit but im too worried and nervous :(

  12. says

    Hi miss gorgeous Farah Dhukai, my name is Yusnidar, i really speechless when i saw your video in Youtube ‘how to cut your own hair in layers’ its so so damm beautiful person n hair that i have seen in da world, i’m staying in Penang Island of Malaysia and i hope that you are here to cut my hair as yours, i really love it!!!With your video give me inspiration for my new hairstyle..anyway thousands thanks to you Miss Gorgeous…i hope can hear from you soon..daa n take care!!!

    Muah, muah n muahhhhh…

  13. Bea says

    Hey Farah!!I’m a subscriber from the Philippines!! Just asking: Is the technique that you are using in this video is the same as you did with your sister?
    Thanks in advance,Farah!

  14. says

    Farah, you are my hair guru!!!! I love this video, I followed along and cut my hair for the very fist time and I am over the moon about the results. I just moved again and I couldn’t bring myself to look for another hair dresser, so my hair got out of control long and boring. Now I have the hair I want without going to two or three hairdressers in search for the one that knows how to cut my long/thick hair just how I like it.

    Thank you hair guru!!!!!

  15. Ia says

    About time someone showed us regular folks how to layer long hair. Every salon I visit always tell me I need to make my hair short in order to layer. Thank You! For proving them wrong!

  16. hi i have really thin and flat hair i really want more volume wht do u call that haircut says

    hi i have really thin and flat hair i really want more volume wht do u call that haircut

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