Easy Braid Hairstyle

a lot of you have been requesting this hair on a lot of my instagram pictures so I thought Id show you how to do it! Of course, anything for fam! This is my current GO TO look for when I dont want to wash my hair but I still want to leave it down without looking like I havent washed my hair haha! Hope you enjoy!

Hair Brush: http://amzn.to/1wdwN24
Metal Rat Tail Comb: http://amzn.to/1BBLUpV
Finesse Dry Shampoo:
Bobby Pins: http://amzn.to/1rYi52z
Loreal Elnett Hairspray: http://amzn.to/1xL9l2q

How to Get Long Shiny Hair Fast! (overnight)

Hey Guys!

Todays DIY is probably the easiest one you will ever do! All you need for this is some brewed coffee! I just became a coffee addict lol! I never knew why people loved it so much until I started drinking it on the regular and now im ADDICTED!!!

So anyways, one day while I was drinking coffee.. I was looking at my magical cup of deliciousness and I thought.. This HAS to be good for something other then giving me the best morning ever hahah So I did some research and found that brewed, ROOM TEMPERATURE, coffee is actually great for stimulating hair growth and giving your hair a beautiful shine. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found this out because of my new love of coffee :)

Anyways, I tried it right away and I noticed IMMEDIATE results! My hair was SUPER shiny and glossy and it has extra life to it. Since my hair is brown, it also felt like the coffee gave my brown hair color a really nice color boost (yay!)

Now with that being said, I DO NOT recommend anyone who is blonde or has any type of blonde color in their hair to do this. Coffee CAN possibly color light hair to a chocolatey color so its best to avoid it. If you are a blonde or have some sort of blonde in ur hair (ombre, highlights etc) then I suggest using non alcoholic beer.

This isnt something that I incorporate into my hair routine all the time, but whenever I want a nice boost of shine, literally over night. If you DO incorporate it often though, you will notice a boost in your hair growth because of the caffeine in the coffee so its a win win!

I hope you all enjoyed this video!


Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Its been a while since Ive done a hair tutorial! I had so much fun recreating this look for you guys as it was SUPER requested on one of my videos!

Its super easy to do soooo ENJOY!


Big Easy Fishtail Glamorous Braid

Hey guys!!!

This look was HEAVILY requested on my Vampy new years make up look so here it is!

I used BELLAMI 220gram extensions but you could totally do without. For those of you who are interested in extensions i have an awesome coupon code just enter farah5 at checkout!

Besos <3

DIY Hydrating Hair Mask

Hey Guys!!

Its been a while since Ive done a DIY cuz i thought you guys were getting tired of em.. but it felt GREAT to see soooo many comments from you guys asking for them because im ALWAYS trying something new!!

The other day my mom came over and saw the MANY super ripe bananas at my house and encouraged me to try this hair mask that she knew about it so i was like HECK YESSSSS i will!!

so all you need for this is a RIPE BANANA, COCONUT OIL and COCONUT MILK

Im not joking when i say this, but you are going to want to EAT IT thats how good it smells.. BUT DONT! because youll get the most benefit from it by putting it in your hair as a hair mask.

Why is it so good?

BANANA: great for moisturizing the hair since its so jam packed with potassium and other vitamins and natural oils. Also protects the hair shaft and makes it stronger. Elasticity is improved so LESS BREAKAGE! Makes your hair super manageable, shiny, healthy and prevents dandruff.

COCONUT OIL: Combats hair loss, moisturizing to hair and scalp, Rich in Lauric acid which adds protein to your hair thus fixing damage and preventing damage. Retains moisture, COnditions hair and prevents dandruff, and its great for preventing split ends.

COCONUT MILK: Very nourishing, prevents dandruff, helps with hairloss, great conditioner and natural detangler.

I hope you guys try out this DIY MASK.. I kid you NOT ive been using this a lot and ive been loving it! Especially since the weather is HORRIBLE and super drying to your hair.. this really helps!