Get Ready with Me – Tuxedo Mask

Hey Guys!!

I havent done one of these videos in a while, so I was getting ready to go out to lunch the other day and I decided to film a get ready with me! Im sorry about the lighting and the fact that Im holding a mirror in front of me.. Im in LA right now so I dont really have my proper set up :) Im working on it!

Lately Ive really been into blazers and more of a tailored look so I decided to call this look my Tuxedo mask look! LOL do you guys remember tuxedo mask from sailor moon? I loved that show when I was young.

Anyways here are the product details:

Blazer – H&M
Necklace – Forever 21
Black Cami – Forever 21
High Waisted Jeans – Nastygal
Shoes – Steve Madden
Belt – Forever 21

Face – Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 60 beige mixed with MAC Lustre drops in Sun Bronze, MAC highlighting pen in Light Boost, Nars Laguna bronzer, Make up forever HD Translucent Powder
Eyes: Mac highlighting pen in Light Boost, Milani Liquif’eye black eyeliner, MUFE HD Powder, Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, Benefit Theyre Real mascara, Loreal False Fiber Lashes, Mac pressed pigment in Gleaming
Lips: Aveda lipliner in Terra Cotta, Mac lipstick in Russian Red, Mac lipstick in Diva, Mac lipliner in Currant
Vanilla Pigment by mac to highlight my cupids bow and inner corner of the eyes

I hope you guys enjoyed that video!

besos <3 Farah


  1. Maryam says

    hey Farah you look absolutely stunning!! i love your videos and esp what you’re wearing in this video :) love you and stay blessed

  2. Nancy love Farah says

    Hi beautiful :)

    happy to see u darling….. travelling ah honey :) enjoy dear….. waiting for pedicure and manicure darling :)

  3. says

    hello darn!!, your so gorgeous, as usuall, love your outfits, and so the look, very nice simple and easy to do!!, for the sneackers, yr right so comfy, I have them!!, I wanted to the initiative and wish you 3id Nabawi Sharif,for the birth of ou Prophet Mohammed (PBU), wish you all the best!!, so happy to be the first one to watch and comment this video!!, much love from FL!! Mariam

  4. Sidra says

    You are Gorgous!!! Mashallah!!!! I am going to try to recreate this outfit and cry when it doesn’t look as good on me lol=) Love you!!!!

  5. mehak says

    Dear farah i really want to hair like u my hair is full of split ends damage rough n dry even i also have a wavy hair can please help to make them smoother n good looking please god bless u

  6. sony anusha says

    is it necessary to apply heat protector before blow drying hair?
    i have a frizzy and wavy hair ?? :( what shall i do to make it alright ?

    • FARAH says

      yes darling anytime you use heat u must always use a heat protectant :) if u have frizzy hair its best to be careful when combing ur hair and use cold water in the shower to seal ur cuticle :) xo

  7. myri says

    hey Farah!
    Just wanted to say that your smile is beautiful with this lipstick when you show the outfit in the video! have a good day! mouah!

  8. Asha Saju says

    Hi Farah

    As usual u look mind blowing..u keep getting gorgeous with each video. How can u be so beautiful n fit every time..u r an angel. U have the most beautiful hair i have ever seen..just love it.
    Am ur biggest fan n i watch all ur videos regularly..u have been a great source of encouragement for me in taking care of myself (especially my hair)..whenever i feel down, i watch ur videos n am charged up in few minutes. U doing a great job..keep up the good work..

    • FARAH says

      Hi sweetheart! aww thank you so much!!! that was the sweetest comment ever!!! thank you so uch! I so happy that my videos make you feel better about yourself.. you deserve to feel amazing all the time! Just remmeber that you are absolutely beautiful and there is no one else in the world like you! <3

  9. Reese says

    Hi Farah, loveeee your videos and I know it’s not fair but I could watch a new one of these everyday! I love how you do your makeup and edit the video with the voice over and your choice of clothing. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hope you do a video on the NUME curling wand, maybe some pics of curls the difference you get using each wand.
    THanks again Farah, enjoy your trip! BTW do you like Inglot cosmetics? Since you’re in the US try it out, for some reason only Quebec has stores here and their website doesn’t ship to the rest of Canada which is weird. Anyways it’s comparable to Mac and their products are just amazing especially the eyeshadows.

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling!!! thank you so much! LOL really?! wudnt get bored of me :P ill probably post a pic of the curls on my instagram when I get home.. i didn’t bring the curler with me since I tried to pack light :) I only brought the blow drier along. Thank you hunnie im having a great time on my trip so far :) I actually just discovered Inglot the other day and im OBSESSED! theyre pigmentation is amazing! ill proobably do a little spree once i go back to the store soon since there isnt one in Toronto!! do you have any of their palettes? xoxo <3

  10. Anisha says

    Hey Farah you have never done a workout regime or anything! Please share as I love your body it is very womanly yet toned! Also a HAUL!!!
    -Toronto neighbor

  11. Jassi says

    Hiiiii farah , :)

    I use the shampoo by Loreal its called evergreen it has rosemary in it, thats the only reason i bought. Do u think its good for My hair plus My hair is really thin….

    Plz reply lotz of <3
    Xoxo <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  12. Julia says

    Hi farah,
    This question is not related to this particular video. But I was wondering what your everyday diet consist of. I’m really trying to get a healthier body and a diet and you look very healthy and skinny.

  13. Nicole says

    You are again, AMAZING!! Not only have you been blessed with beauty beyond words, but you a intelligent, sweet young woman!! I LOVE your videos, and you have such a soothing voice!! Much love from this mama in MN!!! <3 :)

  14. Rachael says

    Hey girly!
    I love this look so simple an gorgeous! I have a tiny request..I’ve been watching your old videos a lot and was noticing how you used to do like a mini vlog before a look or haul..I was specifically watching ‘a little haul with a lot of poop’ lol..I love that one!..anywho I just super love your videos when you do a little random vlog plus the tutorial! And more hauls would be awesome too :)
    Love you!! Xoxo

    • FARAH says

      hi daring! thank you so much! I got your email ill be replying soon! yes of course i been thinking about starting to vlog again and share my life with you guys :) you are amazing! love you babe!

  15. Ani says

    Hey Farah, i noticed you have a slim body yet you’re quite busty, im similar, though im not so slim…yet my boobs always prevent me from wearing tight clothes, else they look totally huge…actually i still dont know what kind of bra i should wear to make them look good. i tried wearing the padded ones to give the girls more lift, but then in profile i look totally huge…like the shirt or whatever is just hanging there off the boobs and people think it’s my stomach that’s so huge
    plus when the girls get a lift, they make all of my tshirts’ neck hang down, and i dont like showing too much cleavage anymore ’cause people make fun of me

    i sincerely hope you read this…

  16. Fatima says

    It worked!! I see my comment. Ok i guess this is the time to write :)… First of all I LOVE you and your videos. :) … I am having issues with my hair!! its thinning real bad from the front crown :( … So stressed out about it. I am using your Almond and Pepper mint treatment from you( been using it for two weeks now!) What do you recommend for me?

  17. Paola says


    I am your fan…. Super fan :) Love your tutorials and your outfits I am from México city.

    Could you make tutorials about how buy brushes I mean can learn for what i must use each brush (eyes, nose, apply foundation)

    Hugs and kisses

  18. Aditi says

    Hi Farah! I am so glad I discovered you on YouTube and whenever I see a new tutorial pop I become ever so excited! I see you’re using ‘Gleaming’ pressed pigment, however I can’t find it on the MAC UK website. Has it been discontinued by any chance?

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

    Lots of love,

    Aditi xxx

  19. archana says

    Hi Farah, I recently found you on youtube !! you are such an awesome person with your tips and tutorials you are helping so many like are a very beautiful person in and out…love you..
    well i think you are very pretty even without makeup…:)

  20. archana says

    Hi Farah,I like all your videos you are amazing…love you so are helping many girls like me with your tips and tutorials…thanks a ton…

  21. Diya says

    Hi Farah, can you confirm which pressed powder you are using. I looked at the mac site and they have “day gleam” and a “beaming” color, but I can’t find a “gleaming”. Then again it could be discontinued. Thanks!

  22. Nassima says

    Hello Farah I discovered you on facebook and youtube a few days ago and I am really faaan of you , all your videos are amazing you’re so beautiful , your hair reminds me Kim’s (K) hair , perfect! Hope that you will continue to amaze us with your videos for a long time !

    (Sorry for my english and if there are mistakes lol I’m French)

    A fan from France
    LOVE <3

  23. Selina says

    Hey farah lookin beautiful as always mashallah , quick question uou mention a conditioner in this video what was it called? X

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