Get Ready with Me – Indian Clothes Mendhi Party!

Hey Guys!

Hope you guys are having an amazing start to your weekend! The hubby and I got invited to his friends mehendhi party (the party before the wedding) so this is what I wore. I thought I’d film a get ready with me since you guys seem to like those :)

I had a lot of fun at the party.. the food was amazing and I just LOVE seeing people in love.. am i weird for that? haha It brought back memories of my mehendhi party exactly one year ago! I cant believe how fast time goes by.. soon itll be my one year wedding anniversay.. eeeepppp!!!

The dress that I’m wearing is a piece that my mother in law got for me and I had my mom sew it for me into this salwar style dress. I LOVEEE this dress!! so thank you to both my mommies for this wonderful dress!
Im not sure where the dress is from but I think its from some local store here in Toronto.

My bangles are my moms since I steal ALLL of her indian jewellery haha.. am I the only one who takes stuff from my moms closet? hahaaaaaaa sorry mommy

My necklace and earrings are from my grandmother in law :)

Shoes I got a long long time ago like in 2007 from a store in Queens Mall .. I forget the name :(

For my hair, Im just using my Rowenta 1inch flat iron that my sister sooooooo nicely let me borrow forever I have a tutorial on how I flat iron my hair for those of you who want to check that out :)

Now lets get onto the make up since thats the most fun part anyways!

FACE: Sephora Perfecting Ultra Smoothing Primer, Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 60 biege, Soleil de Tan de Chanel, NARS Laguna Bronzer, Josie Maran Argan Illuminzer, Sephora Apricot Highlight, Estee Lauder Topaz Chameleon Illuminating Powder Gelee

EYES: UDPP, MAC Teddy Eye Khol, NARS Grenadines eyeshadow, MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, Milani Liquif’eye in Black, Loreal Carbon Black Mascara, Maybelline Mega Plush Lash mascara, Loreal False Fiber Lashes Mascara, Beauty Rush eyeshadow in Gold School

LIPS: MAC Ecetera pro longerwear Lip pencil, Loreal Fairest Nude

I hope you guys enjoyed that video!

BESOS! <3 Love Farah


  1. SA says

    Hey Farah, I LOVE your videos. Hope you keep making many more! :) Have a quick question. Can you do a tutorial on how to apply eye makeup (esp eyeliner) on big/round eyes so they don’t ‘pop’ out or appear bigger? Thanks! Ps- Youre are beautiful and have a wonderful personality!

    • FARAH says

      Hey love!! thank you so much!!!! of course i can do that!! My cuzin has beautiful big eyes maybe i can get her to make an appearance in a video :) xo

  2. says

    I missed you for a few days because I was quite busy after coming back to my hubby’s place.. saw your videos and thank u so so so much for the hair wash video,now i know why i have so much hair fall!!! Hey in this video u look so so so cute,both western and Indian dress goes well on u! Please post the timeline video also soon…. I love what you are wearing!!

    • FARAH says

      Hi my love! I was wondering where you were!!! My pleasure!!!! thank you so much for being so sweet to me! im workin on the timeline video! xo

  3. Nancy says

    Hi darling sissy :)

    looks awesome ya, always Indian style suits u much, love u muah:)

    Do more videeeeeeee like this, am so happy to get more updates like this dear!

    Make some hair videoooooooo too, waiting for timeline dear :)

  4. Sabina Yasmin says

    Hello My Sweet Farah,

    Thanks for posting this gorgeous looking video. Your water looks like it had Chia seed on it, is that true? If so, then I would say I did try before this seeds in the water, since it had many benefits, but didn’t like the test and it didn’t completely get-together with water; I got somewhere thick and somewhere thin. How did you prepare that drink?


    • FARAH says

      Hi my love! my pleasure!! OMg you’re absolutely correct!! they are chia seeds in water! you dont like the taste of it? the trick of mixing it is putting the seeds first then adding cold water and stiring as fast as u can with a spoon and then about 5 minutes later stir it fast again! have u tried maybe mixing it with green tea or something that you like? xo

  5. kalyani says

    another wonderful video ….love u dear…do a lipstick collection video…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:)
    lots of love…:)

    • FARAH says

      Hi hunnie!! thank you so much!! of course makeup can be played with on any skin tone :) ill make some videos for darker skin tones as well! xo

    • FARAH says

      thank you hunnie! do you rub your back with the towel after you get out of the shower? if so, that could cause back acne!

  6. Ana says

    I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR MAKE UP!!!!!! Do you think those darker red tones work well with a fair skinned person? Also, are you drinking bubble tea??? Just a guess lol

    • FARAH says

      hi hunnie! thank you so much!!!!! i think red CAN work on fairer skintones but i would make it less smokey :) im drinkin chia seeds in water :) xo

  7. Hira says

    You are beautiful Mash’Allah! Could u plz give some advice on dark circles under the eyes – mine become really prominent in the winter. I drink plenty of water and use the mask recipes u have provided. Thank u. Take care.

    • FARAH says

      thank you my love! have you tried my eye cream that i made? its amazing! ive had so many people tell me that its working for their dark circles so maybe itll help u! xo

  8. Janhavi says

    hiiiiiiii farah!!! :) i loveeeee the grenadine eye shadow.. and i usually apply it like the tutorial u had done abt it and i get so many compliments!! thnku for making me look beautiful… Mwah!! <3… Now the video m eagerly waiting for is ur hair timeline video… Actually i eagerly await each n every video of urs… and u havin tapioca and i love having it in cold milk mixed with strawberry syrup.. Yummyyyy…. heheheh i love the last voice overs abt ur "previoussss videeeeeooossss"… Love u dear… Keep Smilingggggg :D

    • FARAH says

      Hi babe!!!! im so happy to hear that!! grenadines is a beautiful color! You were ALWAYS beautiful.. i just helped with make up :) MUAH! i promise im working on the timeline video ::) yummy tapioca with strawberry syrup sounds yum but im having chia seeds in water :) haha LOVE YOU so much!! XO

  9. Ashley says

    My Dearest Farah, this is my first response to you…wow! Long story short, your talents are limtless! I LOVE all your videos, blogs, posts, and every tip you share. I cant thank you enough. My lashes, hair and skincare all look the best ever because of you! Thank you from the bottom of heart for everything you do for your followers!

  10. says

    Hi Farah! Great video, once again, mA. I noticed you used a eye primer in your video. I have been hearing a lot about primers lately, both eye and lip, but have never used either. What exactly do they do and how do they work? Also, do you have any recommendations for lip primers?

    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work, iA!!!


  11. Cynthia says

    Hi Farah, so I was wondering what kind of brush do you use to apply your Chanel foundation? Oh and where can I get one? Thanks!

  12. Samera says

    Hi Farrah, loved you video u look pretty. can you please suggest me some body scrub or something i have back acne problem i dont rub my back with towel after shower. i recently start using neutrogena body cleanser it helps me just little. Also you are drinking Chai seed? it help weight loss right? waiting hardly for timeline video:) alot alots lovee love from me . :))

  13. kasha says

    hi Farrah, I love your hair tutorials, can I ask you what do you paint your hair with? Maybe you have told already in one of your videos, but the fact that I don’t know :S
    My hair was painted black with some LOreal stuff which caused me hairfall…it was ammonia free though.. after I thought i should try henna for something healthier way to colour my hair (i have middlebrown and I like darkbrown/black, like yours exactly :) ) but I am not sure about the colour result of henna. Can you help me with some advice about that?

  14. Denysse says

    Hi farah,

    I love all your makeup and hair videos! They are very helpful :) I noticed in this video you used the Josie Maran Argan Illuminzer,but in another video you used Mac’s lustre drops sun kiss, is there a difference or is it the same thing.

    Thanks :)

  15. says

    hi Farah i got some question about the hair wats the best time to apply the conditioner
    on my hair after i dry it or before i dry it because you said not to use together with the shampoo in the shower and is it ok to use olive oil for my hair i got a new bottle 100% pure

  16. shabnam says

    saalam hw r u, seen alot of ur videos they r really good, have learnt alot from them, can u help me i have really dry skin, also psoriasis, help plz!

  17. Eileen says

    Hiii I’m from Puerto Rico and I love your videos! But I have a question… What is that drink with bubbles that u drink in one of your videos??? I need to know! Please!!! ;)

  18. maria says

    Hi Farah

    Could you please do a blog post/video on youtube on your make up collection including which make up brushes you use?

    Thanks xxx

  19. Riya says

    hei..!! ♥

    i luv ya soooo mch..ndd…i hve a doubt…r u an indian…??? bcz u told dat ur parents wer from africa……soooo….totally confused..!!! =P

    nddd…u r soooo young nd ur marriedd..?? gud job…!! (Y)

    plzzzz reply..!!!

    with luv,
    RiYa..!! ♥

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