How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally – MY EVERYDAY ROUTINE

Hi my loves!

A lot of you have been noticing a difference in the colour of my lips and have been asking for my routine so here it is!

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm:
Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask:
Body Shop Lip Butter:

Up and Up Sensitive Skin:
(fragrance free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free, made with botanic fibers)

Cinnamon Cassia Essential OIl:

Baby Toothbrush:

Coconut Sugar I use:
(I USE THIS as a sugar replacement also for food)
Coconut Oil I use:
FARSALI Volcanic Elixir:

Hair Care: Long Shiny Hair and Clean Scalp

Hi my loves!

When I posted my No Poo Method Update, I mentioned a SCALP CLEANSE and so many of you were asking what that was exactly.. so i thought I would make an updated version of my scalp cleanse method to show you exactly what i do! I made a video about this a whilllleee back but my method has changed so I thought Id show you the updated version :) In my previous video, I used Rosemary essential oil, but I no longer use that. Dont get me wrong I LOVE rosemary and I still use it in my DIY Conditioner but I personally like Cedarwood better for the scalp cleanse. You can use ANY essential oil that you prefer, but to be honest, the ones that are best for your hair are lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree and lavender.

I personally LOVE the smell, it has a “tree” scent..which is similar to pine! Besides that, cedarwood is great for stimulating the scalp and promoting/stimulating hair growth while keeping the hair shiny and nice! Its also great for REDUCING hair loss and dandruff! How can you not love that!!

Apple cider vinegar restores the PH levels of your hair, thus removing the build up from your scalp and hair. Along with removing build up, it also smoothes the hair shaft and cuticles, which leads to smoother, shinier, easier to manage hair.

Products used:
Apple Cider Vinegar:
Cedarwood Essential Oil:

I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something new!


DIY How to Grow Long Healthy Hair Fast – how to grow out layers

You will need:
Curved Vent Brush:
Ion Golden Wood Paddle Brush:
Dropper Bottle (empty, optional)
Pumpkin Seed Oil:
Kalonji Oil (black seed oil):
Sandalwood Essential Oil:
Rosemary Essential Oil:
Peppermint Essential Oil:
Sweet Almond Oil:

why is this good for you?

each ingredient has important qualities that help stimulate hair growth and allow it to grow super fast and healthy!

pumpkin seed oil: jam packed full of nutrients that your hair needs like protein, omega 6 fatty acids, zinc and iron. PSO has also been known to counter act balding (i will have a video on just pumpkin seed oil soon since its also great for skin) its also great for retaining moisture and keeping your hair nourished and hydrated. Its great for stimulating hair growth as it contains biotin and helps make your hair healthy, shiny and thick!

kalonji seed oil: I have a video dedicated to JUST this amazing oil! CLICK HERE to be directed to that blog post where you can find much more information :)

sandalwood essential oil: great for moisturizing dry hair and scalp

rosemary essential oil: increases circulation in the scalp which helps boost hair growth, stimulates the roots and allows hair to grow faster

peppermint essential oil: similar to rosemary, it helps stimulate the hair follicle and boots circulation and hair growth. It also balances pH levels on the scalp so if you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp it will help tremendously. Makes hair very shiny!

sweet almond oil: for those of you who have been watching me for a while, you guys know almond oil is my BAE!! I live for this stuff! LOL! This stuff makes your hair really hydrated and shiny and soft! Its also great for your hair because of the magnesium that it contains! Great for split ends and scalp irritation and also helps reduce dandruff! This is definitely a super oil in my books and one that i will continue using forever and ever!

PLEASE make sure that all the oils that you are using at 100% PURE and NATURAL and PREFERABLY COLD PRESSED. A lot of ALMOND OIL on the market can contain additives like mineral oil.. also.. sandalwood essential oil can sometimes be mixed with a carrier oil like grape seed oil which is fine! The one I used has a mix of grapeseed in it which i dont mind because grapeseed oil is also amazing for the hair!

inversion method: check out my previous blog post and detailed video for more info on the inversion method HERE

I hope you all enjoyed this video and learned something new!



All you need is:


– astringent like properties which can aid in cleaning pores as well as anti – inflammatory properties which tame inflamed skin (acne, etc)
– cleans impurities on skin
– great for hydration (adding moisture to the skin)
– great for calming skin and mood
– fights acne
– strengthen skin cells and cell tissue (helps repair)
– restores pH in skin
– great for fine lines and wrinkles

– gives skin a natural glow
– makes skin radiant
– lightens dark spots/age spots/acne scars
– great for aging skin
– lightens tan and gives you fair skin
– gives dull skin life and brightens it
– gives good texture to the skin (smooth skin)

Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY

How to Get Long Shiny Hair Fast! (overnight)

Hey Guys!

Todays DIY is probably the easiest one you will ever do! All you need for this is some brewed coffee! I just became a coffee addict lol! I never knew why people loved it so much until I started drinking it on the regular and now im ADDICTED!!!

So anyways, one day while I was drinking coffee.. I was looking at my magical cup of deliciousness and I thought.. This HAS to be good for something other then giving me the best morning ever hahah So I did some research and found that brewed, ROOM TEMPERATURE, coffee is actually great for stimulating hair growth and giving your hair a beautiful shine. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found this out because of my new love of coffee :)

Anyways, I tried it right away and I noticed IMMEDIATE results! My hair was SUPER shiny and glossy and it has extra life to it. Since my hair is brown, it also felt like the coffee gave my brown hair color a really nice color boost (yay!)

Now with that being said, I DO NOT recommend anyone who is blonde or has any type of blonde color in their hair to do this. Coffee CAN possibly color light hair to a chocolatey color so its best to avoid it. If you are a blonde or have some sort of blonde in ur hair (ombre, highlights etc) then I suggest using non alcoholic beer.

This isnt something that I incorporate into my hair routine all the time, but whenever I want a nice boost of shine, literally over night. If you DO incorporate it often though, you will notice a boost in your hair growth because of the caffeine in the coffee so its a win win!

I hope you all enjoyed this video!