Cure Dry Hands and Feet

Hey Guys!

Todays video is all about dry skin! Especially the hands and the feet. I dont know about you guys, but when the weather gets cold, my hands because cracked and painful when the skin becomes dry. My body in general has really dry skin, lotions that you can get in the store just doesnt work.. but there is one thing that does! COCONUT OIL!

What I do before bed is rub some coconut oil onto my hands and my feet and I put on some gloves + socks and go to bed. When you wake up, you will have the softest most luscious skin EVER on ur hands and feet :) You want to make sure the coconut oil you buy is organic .. you’ll know from it being solid at room temperature. Because it is organic, it won’t contain any pesticides or herbicides.. so thats an important thing! Coconut oil is really high in fat so it makes it super emollient on the skin, which in turn helps the skin to repair itself. PURE virgin coconut oil does NOT clog ur pores! For my desi’s out there.. I know theres a brand called Parachute that says its 100% natural.. but I dont really rely on that because its not completely solid at room temperature.. so try and get some Virgin Coconut oil from a health food store :) Another reason why I know theres a different between Virgin Coconut Oil and Parachute brand is the fact that VCO doesnt break me out, where as the Parachute one does! nooooo!

Anyways, I hope you guys try out this little trick of mine to cure dry skin!

THUMBS up the video if you’d like to see some more ways that I use Coconut Oil.. there are tonnes cuz u know me and my DIYS!

Besos <3 Farah


  1. Rachael says

    I want more!! Haha, I actually just did this last night to my feet..I hate the feeling of dry skin, it’s fabulous. You have me hooked on oils.Plus I have coconut oil in my hair(wanted to switch it up from almond oil..but almond is my fav!) My boyfriend was looking at me like a crackhead lol.. I also wanted to tell you I was using your turmeric mask, and got him to try..he has very bad dark circles so I was begging him to let me try it out on him. So after so much complaining and whining he takes it off, and omg, “wow I look so hot, I look so good, the dark circles are so much better!” Haha! I was dying, he always is looking for screams and stuff..we were using the perricone md, it wasnt too satisfying ok but nothing great. I also tried your works great but I have a problem, my evening primrose oil smells disgusting. Is that normal and any suggestions to make it smell better, I can’t use it because of the smell, but want to since it works so good. Anywho, thanks so much Farah..I love the pic btw! Please do a skincare routine. Lots of love & hope you are well! Xoxo

    • FARAH says

      lol you are the cutest! everytime i read one of your comments i always have the biggest smile on my face :) i hate the feeling of dry skin too it drives me crazy! LOL im like the crazy oil lady HAHA omg i cant believe ur boyfriend that the funniest/cutest ever.. men are so funny they NEVER want to listen! my husband is the same way and then he finally tries it and ends up really liking something n im like omggggg why u no listen from the start!!!! yesss evening primrose oil smells like eggs! unfortunately i dont really recommened putting any essential oil or anything to make it smell better because u dont want that near ur eye :(

      skincare routine coming soon! love you! <3

  2. Nancy love Farah says

    Hi my lovely :) How ru doing? came home ? post some of your trip pics dear :) or make a videooooo :) Neem oil for hair just awesome beautiful sissy :) thank u so much ” :)

    • FARAH says

      Hi my darling! im great thank you how are you!! no im not home yet! im so happy to hear you like the neem oil MUAH love you!

  3. Rachael says

    Oops meant creams! Haha..or even if you have any recommendations for a good brand cream/serum. Also, he is Indian so his tend to be a lot darker, and he is very self conscious about them. Thanks again! Xx

    • FARAH says

      LOL i figured thats what you meant.. i personally think pericone md is nothing special :( I personally like to try creams that are more natural.. like l’occitane or khiels.. khiels has a great mens line! Try origins ginzeng or strivectin!

  4. samera says

    Hi Farrah, thanks for amazing video. i was looking for some tips for making my hand look healthy . i came cross putting vitamin E on hands and nails. i have uneven skin tone on my hand and feets. so my fingers are more darker then my rest of my hands & feet . what can i do to make it even skin-tone or lighter figures. please let me know ?

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling! my pleasure! vitamin E is awesome but personally i dont like the feeling of it on its own because its so thick and sticky .. as far as uneven skin goes, try exfoliating your hands with some brown sugar + lemon + almond oil.. sometimes dry skin can look darker :)

  5. Kalpana says

    Hey darling! That was a super cute video! :) I will definitely try this. I know that you would hearing feedback. :) I have been following your hair care routine to the tee, and I must say my hair looks fabulous! I had a very severe hair breakage problem because of hair straightening, now not even my dearest ones are able to find out the damaged hair. My hair has been smoothened out so well with all of your treatments and its very silky. I also noticed a row of new hair strands growing in the headline, hope it does the same way throughout my head. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for us! I have been taking nutrigold biotion(5000 mcg) tablets for about two weeks, the company claims that the product “Does NOT contain additives, preservatives, GMOs, or artificial ingredients” which is commonly found in other biotin tablets. So I preferred taking this inspite of it being 5000 mcg. I had not taken any biotin tablets before, so is starting with 5000 mcg hazardous to health? Also, I started using epilator recently. I removed hair from underarms using that, and when the hair started to grow back its kinda itchy in that area alone, any idea why is that so? Please suggest me some remedies for this and am dying for your video on underarm lightening Farah! Please do a video on that hunnie!! I would love to meet you when I come to Toronto. I couldn’t believe that you asked me to come and meet you. Love you Farah! Have never been so close with a celebrity so far, I feel blessed to have found you on youtube and I feel privileged to share time with you through these comments! xoxoxo

    • FARAH says

      hi my love! thank you! im so happy to hear my hair care routine is working for you!!! U have no idea how happy it makes me to hear about your results! Honestly, 5000mcg is kind of a high dose, its not BAD for you, but everyones body is different and can only tolerate a certain amount of vitamin .. its best to ask your doctor if its suitable for you! Although micrograms are small,I personally recommend 1000mcg or less. I am really not a fan of epilators are all so i honestly cudnt tell you why that happened :S I will be doing the underarm lightening when I get back home :) im travelling right now so I dont really have all my necessary bowls and stuff! Im not a celebrity im just a normal girl I would love love love to meet you! i always look forward to reading your comments :) even my husband knows about you! you are the sweetest ever and i genuinely love you! XO Farah

  6. Margaret says

    Hi Farah,
    Love your videos.
    Try using cotton gloves which are much more comfortable and don’t irritate your skin and don’t make your hands hot. You don’t need to cut of their fingertips. <3

  7. sri says

    H Farah,

    Recently started watching your videos, glad i found them finally, i am running into lot of problems with my hair, hands, feet, skin etc due to my negligence as my priority for the past few yyears has been my kids. Now i realize i have to take care f myself and was thinking where to start and found your videos. I will be trying lot of htings you demonstrated over next few months and will report back. But specific question about this video is that will this bring the sfotness to the palm as well, my skin is so dry and hard due to driving and not taking care etc. Please let me know. thanks a lot for all that ypou do.

  8. jassi says

    Heyy farah :)

    If i want to apply this cocount oil to my haïr would i need to warm it up so it would be liquid?? Or do i just directly apply to the hair like, this.

    Please reply lovee yaa

  9. Kaitlin says

    yes yes! more coconut oil DIY’s would be amazing. i have a jar of virgin coconut oil just sitting in my room waiting for something to be done with it!!! your amazing Farah, thank youuu!

  10. Asha Saju says

    Hello dear

    This is an wonderful video coz i have dry feet..i cant wait anymore to try this remedy on my feet. Am from kerala n we use coconut oil for cooking n still i never knew coconut oil can nourish n soften dry skin. Hey you look cho chweet in this video..the other day i was watching ur photos in Instagram..there is a close up shot of ur hand in a photo n i was thinking WoW u have really beautiful hand n long fingers n i was like what you must be doing to make it look so soft n smooth n here you are with this video.
    Thank you sweetheart for all these wonderful videos n you truly are an insipiration for everyone. You know i was a big lazy woman doing nothing to take care of myself but now after watching your videos am doing my best to look after myself n that started showing already on my skin n hair. I cant thank you enough da.. you are a wonderful human being.


    • FARAH says

      Hi darling! Youll love it on your feet! wear some socks over night with it and itll make the biggest difference! yessss coconut is amazing to cook with and its great for your skin! you are so sweet thank you! ive always hated my hands because they are so fat and big haha so you saying that really put a big smile on my face! thank you!!! Im so happy Ive encouraged you to start taking better care of yourself! you deserve the best beautiful! XOX MUAH! <3 Farah

  11. Shazia says

    Hey Farah, I recently started looking at your videos and tips:) I love them….. However, I have not tried anything yet. I just want to let you know that the main reason I watch your videos is that I feel like you are an absolutely amazing person with kind, helpful heart. You r so confident human being…. U never feel shy in sharing any old desi oils tips :) you r just a beautiful angel!!!!! And yeah everytime I m sad or upset , I watch your videos and they make me happy :) love you!’

  12. Komal says

    Hi Farah :)
    i know this is a video for dry hands and feet but i just wanted to ask you a question. I don’t cut my hair because of my religon and i have split ends and frizzy hair and my hair is down to my waist. I plat my hair everyday to get it out of the way and i dont really like how it looks. What should i do to help this? thank you:) i love your videos and i love your fenugreek mask! bye:)

  13. Farah Dhukai rocks :D says

    Hi Farah! :D I’m gonna be sure to try this! I hve such dry hands! :( My hair is super thin esp. at the ends – what can I do? I use a majority of ur DIYs but nothing really helps and I eat healthy too & drink loads of water! I would love to have ur hair :)
    Ur beautiful
    Love u

  14. Nadia says

    Hi Farah! I’m gonna be sure to try this! I hve such dry hands! My hair is super thin esp. at the ends – what can I do? I use a majority of ur DIYs but nothing really helps and I eat healthy too & drink loads of water! I would love to have ur hair
    Ur beautiful
    Love u

  15. Sana says

    Hello love!
    So I went to Mac today, and I was really close to getting the iridescent powder. But I saw silver dusk and golden bronze, and hesitated. Which would be best for like medium-light desi toned skin?

  16. Brenda says

    hey farah! just wanted to say that i follow ALL of your videos and many of these tips and diy have really worked for me thanks. but i have tried a couple and have not been so great,, i have tried reaching you through facebook through youtube and no reply yet :( so i will just copy and paste my long message here in hopes to get a response.. sorry its long but just want your feedback…..

    so i went to whole foods. and they had two kinds of oils.. they had cooking grapeseed oil it wasnt cold pressed but it was 100%..and then they also had grapeseed oil with vitamin e oil in the essential oils area.. so i got the second that ok? also should i do this on unwashd hair or clean hair?

    another thing so i tried this whole no conditioner in the shower thing because of you.. i tried your leave in conditioner with the rosemary oil. but i felt no difference.. :( i was expecting my hair to be softer and shinnier.. but it wasnt like was really dry still..any advice?

    another thing is.. (Acv treatment)and i hated the smell.. but i did not mind it so much because i wanted to see how it works on my hair.. i have very fine long hair. its dark brown.. i have dyed my hair numerous times in earlier years, so now im trying my best to take care of my hair and reconstruct my dry hair. my midshaft to the ends are somewhat very dry. specially when i get out the shower.. i have to wait till it drires and then it gets smooth again.. idk its weird. well anyways. i gave this a try and the smell was still on my hair when i washed it all out. when i was applying it i noticed no difference whatsoever. u claimed that it instantly starts to feel silky and smooth. well that was not my case. i felt nothing. and when i washed out my hair it was EXTREMELY i had to apply conditioner on the midshaft and ends of my hair ( i was trying not to because you recommended not to add conditioner in shower but rather when u get out of shower just apply leave in conditioner) so i still smelled it on the scalp. i have to say that i love your videos. i have tried so many of your DYs’ and i am a firm follower of yours. but im not sure this is such a great clarifying cleanser like you claimed it to i let my hair air dry and it does feel a bit smoother..but im not sure that it’s because of this ACV treatment or the new conditioner i had to apply after washing this ACV out :/ please reply back with any tips or advice. thanks
    as you can see i am a huge follower of your videos and am obsessed with finding new ways to take care of myself specially my hair

  17. susan u says

    Farah thanks for the video i will def try, you look so cute in ur hello kitty shirt were did u get it? Farah there is a nail polish that came out that is ok to wear when u pray its a breathable nail polish can u please do some research with me cause i want to know if its true? it would be great i would love to wear nail polish all the time and not have to take it off before prayer thanks sweetie……

  18. Lina says

    Hello there lovely lady :)
    Thanks again for making another fabulous video xx
    I use it for cooking for my hair for my skin and my face and would love to see more videos about it

  19. Loga says

    Hi Farah,

    You are so nice..I love all your videos. I found your web site a month ago and started your hair care routine now 3 weeks..My hair feels amazing and very soft.Thank you very much. I have a question
    my hair is kinda wavvy. I do straightening. Can you please suggest me to make my hair straight naturally or less wavvy?. That will reduce my straightening time.

    I love your besan mask, i’m applying it every week now. Today i tried your grapefruit n ginger mask.
    I must say it was one of the best mask i applied. Even my husband said you are so bright today :) Thank you Farah.

  20. Joanna says

    I have to say i love u ! ur all videos helped me soo much ! i have been waching Your videos just for a week but im trying to watch all of them in my free time :) I aam sooo thankfull that there are people like You who likes to share their tips and tricks . Wish You all the best .


  21. Laura N says

    Hi! Love all your videos. And boy do I love coconut oil. It has so many benefits and uses. Just the other day I used it to cure an ear infection! Would love to see more videos on CO. Do you know if its makes facial hair grow! Yikes! I hope not because I love to use it as a face moisturizer. I’m wondering if you happen to know about a paste of turmeric that removes hair facial…would love to see a video on this, please!
    Keep up the good work

  22. Geethaa says

    You’re too beautiful with amazing skin. I just wanted to know what liquid/powder foundation would you suggest that looks natural. Expensive and a drug store one. Thanks a ton !!

  23. Fransheska says

    hey Farah love your videos I’ve learned so much / I was wondering if you have any recomendation for combination skin someday my face is clear and the next I get alot of black head. I’ve tried so many different thing , and everytime I go to a dermatologist what ever they give only makes my face super red pleeeeaaaasssseeee HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!! LOL LOVE YOU DOLL YOU’RE AMAZING

  24. says

    Hi Farah

    I m Happy to see ur nails oh my god they are so good dear thanks so much i don know whether u read my previous comment in that i ahd requested u to grow ur nails to see how it looks n here u did i happy:)

    ps:just to say u have grown nails i commented take care boi boi

  25. Liz says

    Hi Farrah

    I have been searching everywhere for something to help with dryness and can’t wait to try this out; will be reviewing your other videos for little trips/tricks and don’t doubt that i will have a cupboard filled wt jars of your homemade recipes.

    Thanks for making this videos


  26. Allison says

    Hi Farah, I was just wondering what brand of the Virgin Coconut Oil do you use? I’m new to using it and am very unsure of what to buy. I have very sensitive acne-prone skin, so I don’t want to buy one that will break me out. But I know you mentioned in a few of your videos that it won’t, please help.
    Thank you!

  27. Aparna says

    Farah…Thank you very much for sharing ur beauty secrets with us. I follow ur videos regularly and I it worked great for me. Love you dear :)

  28. Scheryl says

    Hey Love,
    I just thought I would chime in here and say that I soak in my coconut oil in the bath – my skin is so soft – Thanks for all your video tips and tricks on these oils – You are my trusted “Oil” lady… Muwah!

    ps: I sent you a Facebook message as I keep losing your email…. I promise to save it the next time …. ok let me know your email hon :)

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