At Home Acne Spot Treatment with Activated Charcoal!

Hey Guys!

So .. Im a really big fan of Origins Products since they’re natural, and I really wanted to get the Activated Charcoal mask that they have, but I just couldn’t justify paying $22.00 for something that I would only use as a spot treatment, and for something that I KNEW I could possibly make at home. So I did some reading and I tried out this mixture.. and all I can say is LOVE! OMG SERIOUSLY It literally makes the pimple vanish within a matter of 2-3 days, and for me, thats abnormal because I get a breakout here and there when its about to be that time of month, and I swear that one pimple will last for weeks! NOT with this treatment though!

It has officially become my GO TO spot treatment!

Like I said in the video, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a test patch before you apply this all over your face (if you’re going to be using it like a mask especially) BECAUSE activated charcoal is seriously like BLACKER THAN BLACK and it can stain your skin (depending on your skin).


Activated Charcoal – Powder or Pill Form (this form needs to be crushed manually) .. You can find activated charcoal at any pharmacy.. Im temporarily visiting Miami and I DONT have a car to get around, nor do I KNOW my way around, so I ordered mine online here:

Aloe Vera Gel – any aloe vera gel will do, just please make sure that it doesn’t contain any preservatives or any added ingredients. 100% Aloe :)

Mix these two ingredients together to create a paste and apply to the areas in which you think you need it. I apply it on pimples that I already have, and onto my cheeks, because I feel like my cheeks are more pimple prone for some reason, thats where majority of my breakouts happen (especially when elmo is coming to town)

Let the mixture dry on your skin for about 30 minutes — When it dries, thats when it does the MOST work.. because as activated charcoal dries, thats when it absorbs oil and impurities in the skin!

If you have any left overs of this treatment, you can refrigerate it and keep it in there for about 4-5 days.

I suggest making some based on how much you think you will be using, and making a fresh batch every time you will be using it :)

I hope you guys enjoyed that video!

<3 Farah


  1. Adriana says

    Hello !

    Thanks for all your wonderful advices!

    One doubt, I used to have an aquarium so I still have some boxes of activated charcoal left, you think I could use it too?

    Thank you !

    • Erica says

      I don’t know if you’re still reading this or whatever, but yes! Just crush it up with a pestle and mortar

  2. Jennifer says

    hey i love your videos…. i been using the turmeric (sp) mask and i do see some changes i have done it 4-5 times so far…. how often can i use it….amd how long until i see a big change….

    i want to know if you still use the turmeric mask with this new charcoal one…? please answer
    i admire your skin i think it is very rich and beautiful…and i need help with curing my acne
    i am very into organic home made remedies …please answer thanks!

  3. Yeya says

    thank you very much for the tips~
    i wanna try~*+
    but i dont think they sell aloe vera juice in pharmacies. but i do plant some aloe vera trees, but but but they’re gel.. and.. dried up easily.. hmmm…

  4. Cheryl says

    hey, like to try this on my pimpels, can i use norit cause i don’t know if they have those capsules here where i live

  5. Charlotte says

    hi, i’ve been watching your videos and taking your advice and it helps very much thanks and you are very pretty!!

  6. Natalia says


    You don’t have to use make up at all, your naturally beautiful!
    I love watching your videos!

    You’ve got amazing hair, eyelashes, lips.. your kind of perfection! x

  7. imelda says

    Hello, i really like your videos everytyhing is so easy to do and very inexpensive. I have an issue with uneven skin tone on my face can you please give me some advice on what i can do.

  8. says


    Hi i may not getting this alogel where you purchase, you said that u hve purchase this for 8 dollors but this cost is $24, so pz reply to this message. plz when your doing anyvideo plz mentiion where you purchase ds product and where we may get it. mention the website.plz

    • Makeda says

      @sowmya Hey I get my aloe vera online. Try vitacost, luckyvitamin or iherb. You can definitey get it way cheaper than $24 especially if its a small bottle. Good luck!

  9. MissIeva says

    Hi Farah ! I tried this mask last night and it’s such amazing thing. i really surprised to see results my skin looks much better and smooth . and i tried only once! this mask are magic totally love it! Happy I find U in youtube and big thank u for doing amazing job for all these people ur tips are really helpful and love watch u coz u are such a sweetheart so positive and really nice person wish in world be more people like U .Definitely i will check out ur web page and waiting foe new videos ! have a good day xxxx

  10. Pat says

    Spot treatment usually = Scar Treatment. A lot of spots are the result of popping a zit too early or drying it out with chemicals. I know you’re a fan of natural remedies. You should look into Neroli Oil. A lot of natural skin treatments are starting to incorporate it. Google: Neroli oil for healing acne scar damage.

    You’ll find a ton of good information and this is IMHO the best ingredient for acne and spot treatments in general.

    • Liss says

      Thanks! Do you have a blog or recipes using the oil that can help spot scarring? Or could i substitute almond oil for it in farahs tumeric mask recipe? I have several spot scars on my chin Which Arent too noticeable but doesnt mean i want them there Lol

  11. Nia says

    Hi Farah! Ur doing a gr8 job! Ur tutorials are sooo useful! I’m trying out all the ones I can! I have these black beauty spots…well they are more like black dots…in hindi they are called “til” or “tin” if that helps. I have about 10 on my face alone in different places; 1 on my nose, 1 on my cheek, 1 or 2 on my chin & forehead etc. I was wondering if u have any remedies to get rid of them or lighten them so they aren’t so visible and if u could do a tutorial on that then that would be awesome! Thank u so much. U ROCK :D xoxo

  12. Olivia says

    Thank you sooo much! I have been breaking out severly in the past week, then i happened to stumple upon this on youtube, so i went to super supplements and bought this stuff,and i used it for 2 days and my skin is completely clear!, my scars are fading so quickly also, I have tried everything, pills, homeopathik remedies, not eating certain foods, but this was the thing that saved me! thank you! :D ♪♥♪♥

  13. Ribna says

    OH EM GE thank you so much for making this video it is a life saver I was braking out like crazy and I didnt know wht to do And I had a humango party coming up and I didn’t want to look bad lol life saver

  14. SarahSo says

    The website you gave are all out of stock of the activated charcoal:( And wal-mart, CVS and Walgreens didnt have it:( I asked the pharmacist at Walgreens about it and he looked at me all crazy saying they dont carry that, that I may be able to get it at a hospital because its used for people who overdose. Hope they restock soon at the website. I love all the free beauty advice girl! Keep it coming.

  15. shana says

    hi dhukai i love so much your videos u looking so beautiful i like voise also u r a queen of beauty thank u so much for your tips it’s very useful

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