$20 Dollar Make-Up Challenge

Hey Guys!

I saw this challenge going around youtube and i just HAD to do it! I love anything thats challenging and new so I was like yes yes yes yes yes!! Theres SO much that you can do with $20 its insane! Although I have to admit, make up prices have gone up… theres still so many different looks that you can do with just one eye palette!

I got so excited that I bought 2 different palettes and did the make up challenge twice, because I really wanted a variety to show you, without using a large amount of ELF products (especially since in Canada ELF is higher in price and a little hard to find the whole range). I got my ELF products when I was in the States on vacation, but in Canada, I heard that you can get some ELF brushes from Dollarama as well as the Liquid Liner and I also heard that some Zellers carry ELF as well as Winners :) It sucks that everything in Canada is higher in price tho :( WOMP WOMP!

Anyways so for the first part of this challenge, here are the products that I used with my feedback on each product :)


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in the color Medium/Deep$6.96 at the Real Canadian Superstore + I had a coupon for a Dollar off! If you live in Canada, heres a link to the printable coupon, in case you want to purchase it! ANDDD no Im not being paid to say this nor am I affiliated with Maybelline… I JUST LOVEEEE COUPONS!!! yay for a dollar off! CLICK HERE FOR COUPON
Anyways, heres my review for the product: FIRST off, I have to compliment Maybelline on the fact that the foundation actually matched me really really well! Being olive skin toned, I find it really hard to find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin and doesnt look pastey at the end of the day! SO YESS for matching me really really well (Im an NC 40 in MAC so my NC 40 girls, youll like the color of this!!) As far as coverage goes, this is a really light coverage, so if youre looking for a medium-full coverage foundation.. this isnt for you, however, if you want a light coverage, then this foundation is SO good and it also gives your skin such a beautiful dewy finish! and I LOVE MY DEWY! Another thing that drew my attention to this foundation is the fact that its a BB cream, which is pretty much the same as a tinted spf moisturizer, but still, it has great benefits for the skin WHILE protecting your skin from the sun which is a bonus! Maybelline says that this BB cream is an 8 in 1 foundation.. here is what they say it does:
* Blurs imperfections
* Brightens
* Evens skin-tone
* Smoothes
* Hydrates
* Enhances
* Protects with SPF 30
* Oil-Free
SO here’s the downer to this foundation… I wore this foundation out for the whole day and my make up literally was GONE by the time I got home. SO lasting wise, its not great. BUT then again, thats what I expected from such light coverage foundation.

ELF Facial Whip in “Persimmon”$1 … This product im really really neutral with… honestly, theres moments where i LOVE it and theres moments where I HATE IT! Let me tell you why… this wasnt my first time using this.. Ive actually used this before with many different make up looks and its really a hit or miss kind of thing. First off, color payoff is great. Ill give ELF that. The price, is AMAZING! The texture, is great at first, but as the product gets a little older, the water separates and makes the consistency really really hard to work with. This is the kind of product where u cant rub it otherwise it becomes patchy so u need to pat it into the skin (as you saw in the video) and if you let it dry for too long without blending it in perfectly EVEN with a brush, good luck!!! This stuff will NOT move and it will be a disaster to blend! I do like this stuff sometimes though because its such a perfect base for some blush colors and it really intensifies the color of the blush.. sooooo do i recommend you try this.. for a dollar, yes. Youll get used to how fast you need to work with it and itll eventually grow on you just like it did for me :)


Wet n Wild #902C – $2.84 I really really like this nude lip color! Its matte, creamy, a great color on every skintone and cheap! The ONLY thing I can suggest, is that you apply a lip balm first and then use this, because it can get really really dry on the lips and make you look dehydrated and not so cute. Besides that, this is a great product! I havent tried out any of the other colors, but I just might!


ELF Defining/Angle Eyeshadow Brush – $1 I Use this brush ALL the time! Its so soft and amazing for creating a cat eye and blending in ur crease.. I cannot say anymore great things about this brush.. YOU NEED IT!!!


Essence Sun Club Eyeshadow Palette in “South Beach” – $4.49 My sister introduced me to the Essence line since it came out at Shoppers Drug Mart and I have been LOVING their eyeshadows so I thought I’d pick up a palette from them for this challenge. I do really like the shadows, but I dont think they’re quite as pigmented as their individual shadows are (or maybe its just me i dunno) I think this palette is great because as you saw in the video, I used 3 eyeshadow colors in the palette as a highlight, contour and blush! I love being a rebel and using “eye” products as a cheek product haha! Anyways, thats one of the reasons why I picked up this palette, because I knew I could use some of the colors on my cheeks, as well as use the entire palette to create different looks, one for summer, one as a neutral eye, a neutral smokey eye and a night time smokey eye! This is a great palette overall! I would say though, if you are lighter than me in skintone, then you might like this palette a little more since youll find the colors show up a little better on you :)

Essence Get BIG Lashes Volume Boost Mascara – $3.49 This mascara DOES what it says.. it does give a lot of volume to the lashes.. If im particular with ANY make up product, its usually with mascara since I really like my lashes to be DARK and THICK and LONG and just spidery haha.. soooo would I buy this mascara again, probably not.. but thats because my preference on how I like MY lashes to look is different.. would I suggest this mascara to someone who’s looking for a cheaper mascara that gives volume.. YES i would for sure!!

SOO The total price of all the make up that I used for this look came to $18.78 .. I was left with an extra $1.22 for chocolate! YAY!

I hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial and my mini review of the products that I used! AND remember.. if you liked this $20 make up challenge, THUMBS UP my youtube video and leave a comment below this blog post if you want to see my other version, which is more bronzey and smokey :)

BESOS! <3 Farah


  1. jazmin says

    i love all your videos,thanks for making them, i been looking for the josie maran foundation where can i buy it?

      • Annie says

        How do you get rid of your facial hair? I have noticed on all your videos your face has no facial hair at all. Could you please make a tutorial about how to get rid of facial hair? Recently, I tried waxing my face and I have really sensitive skin so the next day I had blotches of red, dryness, and acne. Is there an alternative?

      • shania says

        heyy farah i just love watching your videos your just amazing you got a great personality i love make up and i am inspired by you coz you do such amazing make up thats soo mind blowing i show your videos to my friendzz and they love you too when i watch your videos it just puts a big smile to my face and all the haterzz out there well haterss always gonna hate but for me your AMAZING!!!

    • reese says

      hi farah
      When i thought i knew how to do my makeup i found you on youtube and realized ohhh crap i must look like a clown!!!!!
      Love your videos youre so beautiful and cheerful you lighten my mood, again thank you for all the helpful tips!

  2. Verda says

    Hi I love all your videos, they always put a smile on my face and help me get ready! where is your top from in this video? I really like your style, should do some more OOTD videos :)

    • FARAH says

      Hi darling! thank you so much!! Knowing I put a smile on your face makes my day :) My top is from Forever 21.. I get a lot of my clothes from there :) xoxo

  3. JASMINE says

    I REALLY LIKED THIS VIDEO!! i only use drug store products and ppl for years have been putting it down and saying they cant believe that i can look the way i do with it. im glad more ppl are showing vids like this. :) yay drug store products!

    • FARAH says

      aw thank you so much! theres nothing wrong with drugstore products.. i think they’ve gotten SO good over the last little while!! <3

  4. Nina says

    I loved this Video! You were the ONLY makeup Guru that was actually happy about the products and saw the positive side for all of them. I love how you actually made these products work and you looked Gorgeous at the end (No surprise there). Thank you for making us (the ones who can’t afford the high end makeup) not feel bad about the makeup we can afford to use. <3

    • FARAH says

      aww thank you so much! never feel bad about any make up that you use!!! drugstore make up is amazin!! i dont know why i dont do more tutorials with it :) I use a lot of drugstore stuff for my everyday looks :) xo

  5. Charlotte says

    I love all your videos! Especially your haircare ones and your inexpensive face care solutions.
    Can you please tell me were to get a good synthetic kabuki/buffing brush? They all seem to be crazy expensive! I need one to apply my Clinique liquid foundation. Thanks!!!

  6. Fakia says

    Hello , my dear do you know where I can find elf make up brushes? , cause for some reasons I can’t find them any where. I live in Ottawa do you know what retails that sells them or I have to buy online ?
    Thank you :)

  7. Sap says

    Hi Farah,

    I was wondering, do you have any treatment for dark skin around mouth region.. i have fair complexion and only around my mouth is bit dark. kindly reply to my email id.

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply in advance.


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